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Justice League America

“Judgment Day Part 4: The Shadow of Death”

Volume 1, Issue 90, July 1994
Released May 24, 1994

Cover Price: $1.50
Guide Price: $2.00 (as of 2011) Rating
  • Currently 2.0/5 Stars.

Justice League America, Vol. 1, #90. Image © DC Comics



Writer: Dan Vado
Penciller: Marc Campos
Inker: Ken Branch
Colorist: Gene D'Angelo
Letterer: Clem Robins
Assistant Editor: Ruben Diaz
Editor: Brian Augustyn
Cover Artist: Marc Campos

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Cover Description: In the left panel, Overmaster reaches forward. In the center panel, Blue Beetle tends to the wounded Booster Gold. In the right panel, Wonder Woman, Crimson Fox, and Tasmanian Devil look to the left.

Brief Synopsis: In reaction to the aggression shown by the Justice League, the Overmaster accelerates his plan for world destruction.

Booster Gold's role in this story:
Featured (Booster Gold plays a prominent role)

Costume Worn: MARK IV armored power-suit

Story Notes: This issue's story is part of the "Judgment Day" storyline running throughout the Justice League titles.

This story has been reprinted in:
Wonder Woman and the Justice League America (2017)

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Page 10, panel 4
In S.T.A.R. Labs Metropolis, Oberon and Blue Beetle II listen to the Overmaster's broadcast announcing the destruction of the human race within 24 hours. Beetle is apparently working on Booster's latest armor.

Image Copyright DC Comics

Page 11, panel 4
FASHION ALERT: Booster Gold unveils his latest armor, the Blue Beetle-designed Mark IV exoskeleton. Again cosmetically similar to his previous version, it has been upgraded using technology available only at S.T.A.R. Laboratories, the premier scientific research facility in the DC Universe. S.T.A.R. Labs has also provided the technology for Booster's newly prosthetic right arm, severed by Devastator in Justice League America #89. Booster's helmet has been restored to his traditional cowl and exposed scalp. Stars have been added to his wide shoulder pads, a fashion staple of 1990s comic-character designs. A suggestive yellow stripe is painted down the center of Booster's cowl, crossing his nose and chin. Traditionally, a yellow stripe is a associated with cowardice, one of the few insults that have not been used against Booster Gold.

Page 12, panel 3
HIS STORY: After admitting that events are not unfolding as he learned they did, Booster reveals that he knows how he is supposed to die: in his sleep with his body intact. It has previously been demonstrated that when changes occur in the timeline, Booster's memory has changed along with it. (For details, see Justice League Quarterly #9.) If Booster is unaware of the events of the present because events have changed, it must be due to some localized event that will not have a lasting effect on history, at least so far as Booster's timeline is concerned.

Page 13, panel 1
Booster Gold admits that he never called his own plays as a quarterback. Most offensive plays in American football are called by the head coach or offensive coordinator, though many quarterbacks are given the option to call an "audible" to change to a different play should the situation require it. Booster was renowned as a great athlete in his day, but he was forced to quit football while still in college.

Page 21, panel 1
Blue Beetle and Booster Gold arrive in the Himalayan Mountains to prevent Captain Atom and Wonder Woman from rashly invading the Overmaster's Star Citadel. Other Leaguers present include Flash III, Maxima, Maya, Metamorpho, Power Girl, and Ray II.
Beetle wears previously unrevealed cold weather gear, including a full face mask.

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Boosterrific Review: Artist Marc Campos manages to constantly surprise with a new low. Art in this issue is truly abysmal, and that statement is probably too generous. At least the story keeps the "Judgement Day" plot moving forwards at a fast enough clip to give every emotionally overwrought character a chance to make a fool of him- or herself in this story that seems to be succeeding in spite of itself.

Boosterrific Rating:

  • Currently 2.0/5 Stars.

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