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Final Night

“The Final Night, Chapter One: Dusk”

Volume 1, Issue 1, November 1996
Released September 5, 1996

Cover Price: $1.95
Guide Price: $3.50 (as of 2003)
Estimated Issue Sales: 91,401 Rating
  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.

Final Night, Vol. 1, #1. Image © DC Comics



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Cover Description: From left to right, Batman, Flash III, Superman, Kyle Rayner (as Green Lantern), Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter brace themselves against a snowstorm by the Daily Planet building's trademark globe. (No Booster Gold.)

Brief Synopsis: An alien entity endangers the Earth when it begins to consume the Sun.

Booster Gold's role in this story:
Cameo (Booster Gold makes a minor appearance)

Costume Worn: MARK X armored power-suit

Reprint Notes: This issue has been collected in The Final Night.

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Page 8, panel 1
Heroes and villains from across the DC Universe have assembled for a briefing from Dusk and Superman regarding the destructive power of the Sun Eater devouring Earth's sun. Heroes pictured include Alpha Centurion, Amazing Man II, Big Barda, Blue Beetle II, Booster Gold (with built-in Skeets), Brainiac 5, Captain Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr., Cosmic Boy, Dr. Light IV, Dr. Polaris, Dusk, Fire, Firestorm V, Flash III, Gates, Guy Gardner (as Warrior), Gypsy, Ice Maiden I, Impulse, Inferno, Jade, Kyle Rayner (as Green Lantern), Martian Manhunter, Mary Marvel, Maxima, Mister Miracle, Obsidian, Phantom Stranger, Ray II, Robin III, Saturn Girl, Spark, Superboy III, Takion, Ultra Boy, Wildcat I, Wonder Woman, and Zan and Jayna. This is Booster's first meeting with several members of the time displaced thirtieth-century Legion of Super-Heroes (though, as a result of the time-reorganization following Zero Hour, it is likely that the Legionnaires that Booster has met don't remember him), the Marvel Family, and Takion. It is also his first meeting with Dr. Polaris, a schizophrenic villain whose spilt personality disorder was recently resolved with the help of Neron during the Underworld Unleashed mini-series. Though this meeting will spawn two teams combining to attack the Sun Eater, Booster will be on neither. As a result, this is his only appearance in this issue.

Image Copyright DC Comics

Page 9, panel 1
Superman introduces the assembled crowd to Dr. Kitty Faulkner of S.T.A.R. Labs. Dr. Faulkner is the alter ego of the superheroine Rampage, whom Booster was previously seen on-panel with at Guy Gardner's Christmas party in Guy Gardner, Warrior #39. Other heroes at the meeting who will not appear on-panel with Booster are Batman, Alan Scott (as Sentinel), and Steel III.

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Boosterrific Review: Booster Gold appears in only the smallest cameo in this otherwise excellent set-up for a story about a challenge even too great for Earth's mightiest heroes. A great deal happens in the first issue of this mini-series, and unlike so many event-story crossovers of this kind, most of it makes sense. Good art, good story, good comic.

Boosterrific Rating:

  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
Worth Its Weight In Gold.

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