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Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Teen Titans Speak!

Booster booster Marty writes

not sure if anyone's tipped you off to this yet, but booster had a speaking appearance in a recent episode of teen titans go! (season 7, episode 46, "TV Knight 7") i can't speak to the quality of the episode as a whole as i've only seen the relevant part (i.e. where booster was on screen), but i'll admit to getting a chuckle or two out of it.

I found some confusion as to whether "TV Knight 7" is Teen Titans Go! season 7 episode 46 as reported on or episode 45 as counted by Whatever number it is, it does indeed give Booster Gold his first speaking part in the series.

© Teen Titans Go! Cartoon Network

The Cartoon Network link above will take you to a preview of the episode, in which you can hear Booster in action, voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Unlike Marty, I have watched the entire episode, written by Luke Cormican and Josh Weisbrod and directed by Cormican. It's got a real Robot Chicken feel to it, and like most anthologies, its short, unconnected gags — a Mad-style blend of television and comics tropes — can be a bit hit or miss. I thought the Booster Gold segment was the episode's highlight, but I admit I may have a bit of a bias there.

© Teen Titans Go! Cartoon Network

You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll thank Marty for bringing this to your attention.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Old New Old Release: Teen Titans Academy Vol 1

Booster Gold made only the tiniest appearance in Teen Titans Academy #4, but it was a pretty cool one.

© DC Comics

The headshot you see in the above panel originated as a Cort Carpenter commission (for his Booster Gold Sketchbook, 'natch) from artist Steve Lieber, and Lieber later incorporated the piece into the issue in that issue's art.

Steve Lieber working over Steve Lieber

If knowing that makes you also want to support Lieber's work, you should also know that issue #4 (and an even briefer peek in the following issue) should be now available at your Local Comic Shop as part of the Teen Titans Academy Volume 1: X Marks the Spot reprint collection.

Support your favorite artists!

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Monday, November 1, 2021

Character Spotlight on Mister Twister

The life of any comic book hero would be a lonely one if not for the many characters who have made up their supporting cast. Just as Superman has Lois Lane and Batman has Alfred, Booster Gold has also shared his adventures with quite a few people over the years. Today we look at one of those, Mister Twister.

The People in His Neighborhood: spotlighting the characters who have made Booster Gold such a star

Who is Mister Twister, you ask? Here's the man himself, from his first (and so far only) confrontation with Booster Gold in 1987's Booster Gold #5:

© DC Comics

That Mister Twister was a "bizarre lunatic" with a giant bomb who attempted to hold the Metropolis Mammoths ice hockey team and its arena full of fans hostage for $3,000,000.

But was he really "The one, the only"? It's hard to tell.

As it happens, the very first person to use the alias Mister Twister was a novelist named Dan Judd who took to a life of crime and bedeviled Superman... in 1946 on Earth-2!

© DC Comics

Judd was only as criminal as was necessary to get material for his book, and hung up his alter ego when his manuscript was published. For more details on this bit of alternate-Earth history, track down a copy of Action Comics #96!

Many years later, someone more significant — and much more malignant — would adopt the name Mister Twister. His story began when the government of a typical American community called Hatton Corners declined to respect a contract made by their founders.

© DC Comics
The Brave and the Bold #54, 1964

When Hatton Corners didn't make good its debt, Bromwell "Brom" Stikk did what any wronged landowner would do: he used mysticism to control the weather and enslave the town's teenagers!

© DC Comics

Unfortunately for Stikk, Hattons Corners' teenagers had friends in the teenaged sidekicks of the Justice League. Mister Twister ultimately proved no match for Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad. The teens' teamwork in saving Hatton Corners paved the way for the formation of the Teen Titans, but the horrible Mister Twister was arrested by the authorities and would not be seen again for some time, at least not as Bromwell Stikk.

When Twister finally reappeared in the months after the Crisis on Infinite Earths re-wrote the entire DC Universe in 1985, his mystical powers had been replaced by technology. Twister's face and powers may have changed, but his methodology hadn't. His goal was still holding young men and women hostage for money. And he was still no match for sidekicks.

© DC Comics

Was this mad bomber calling himself "Mister Twister" the post-Crisis incarnation of Bromwell Stikk? It's possible. It certainly wouldn't be the craziest twist in Stikk's story.

Years after the Metroplex bombing attempt, the Teen Titans would learn (in Secret Origins Annual #3, 1989) that their longtime foe Gargoyle was actually Stikk disguised and empowered by a cosmic entity called the Antithesis. Stikk would finally free himself from the Antithesis' control and beg Roy Harper for forgiveness for his past wickedness (in Justice League of America #16, 2008).

As so often happens in the DCU, past wickedness would not be forgotten, and Mister Twister was reborn again in the wake of Convergence as a literal demon — and the explanation for why the New 52 Titans hadn't remembered their past adventures together.

© DC ComicsTitans Hunt #8, 2016

Even as a demon, Mister Twister was defeated by a team of former sidekicks. Some things *never* change.

Are you interested in meeting other "People in his Neighborhood"? Follow these links to get to know Mrs. Carter, Daniel Carter, Michelle Carter, Trixie Collins, Nurse Devlin, Dirk Davis, Rani, Skeets, Jack Soo, Mackenzie Garrison, Rip Hunter, Monica Lake, Doctor Shocker, and Blackguard.

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Monday, October 25, 2021

Trixie Collins, Landlord

Readers of Blue and Gold #3 may be unaware that Booster's old secretary, Theresa Collins, has previous history of providing office space to superheroes.

It didn't go well.

Teen Titans #17 (1998), written and drawn by Dan Jurgens, saw the Teen Titans reforming under the leadership of former Justice Leaguer Atom who had been de-aged to a teenager by Extant in Zero Hour.

To attract attention, the team chose the "hottest hangout in Metropolis" for its new headquarters:

© DC Comics
Teen Titans #17 additional art by Phil Jimenez, Gregory Wright, Comicraft

The Stain was a combination nightclub/arcade. In Teen Titans #18, its manager was — you guessed it — Trixie Collins.

© DC Comics
© DC Comics
Teen Titans #18 additional art by Phil Jimenez, Gregory Wright, Comicraft, Digital Chameleon

"Lazer Booster 2000"? A Booster Gold Easter egg!

Mercifully, this dysfunctional incarnation of the Titans was canceled eight issues after it started, but the Stain didn't last even that long. It was blown up by longtime team nemesis Deathstroke The Terminator in issue #22.

© DC Comics
© DC Comics

It's been two decades since the Stain was removed. I sure hope Trixie learned her lesson and has supervillain insurance for her new building.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Old Friends Are the Best Friends

The cover of Blue and Gold #3 teases "the million-dollar debut of Buggles," but the real guest of honor in this issue is...

© DC Comics

It has been too long, girl! For those who don't remember, Trixie was Booster's first secretary at Goldstar, Inc. (as seen in the immortal Booster Gold #1 in 1985). Trixie was also the first to wear the Goldstar uniform. She and Booster made a great team back in the day.

When Booster joined the JLI full time, he and Trixie drifted apart. In fact, we haven't seen her since Chase #4 (in 1998!) while she was landlord to the Teen Titans. As you might expect from two former friends who couldn't make the time to maintain their relationship, their relationship was a bit frosty at the time.

© DC Comics

It's good to see they've both grown past that.

In one of his long-lost-to-the-web "Gold Exchange" columns — presumably one that will be reprinted in his upcoming book — Russ Burlingame once reported that Dan Jurgens had plans to revisit Trixie in Booster Gold Volume 2, but the title was canceled before it ever happened. Thanks to DC for giving Jurgens another opportunity to bring Trixie back.

For more about Booster Gold's original secretary (and second sidekick), see my Character Spotlight on Trixie Collins.

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