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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

New Release: Titans Special

Booster booster Logan Peterson dropped by my mailbox to deliver this good news.

I spotted Mr. Carter in the opening pages of Titans Special #1. A small cameo, but each appearance is precious. :)

© DC Comics
Titans Special #1 by Dan Abnett and "various"

Booster isn't likely to ever join the Titans, but it's nice to know that the Justice League has their eyes on him. There just might be a spot on the team for our hero should some of their other new recruits not work out. (I hear The Demon isn't much of a team player.)

You can find a preview of Titans Special #1 on and the book itself now on the shelf of your Local Comic Shop.

Thanks again, Logan.

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Monday, December 18, 2017

This Day In History: Booster's First Crossover

Believe it or not, Booster Gold's first team adventure didn't take place in his own book or in the pages of Justice League International. No, that honor went to the New Teen Titans, though not with the Titans themselves. Booster was a proud (but brief) member the Teen Titans' rescue squad!

© DC Comics

On this day in 1986, Booster appeared in New Teen Titans #29 in response to Magenta's call for help against Brother Blood (who has enslaved the Titans in his bid to overthrow the American government). Also on the team were (clockwise from Booster) Dr. Midnight II, Batman, Magenta, Katma Tui, John Stewart, and Skyman. (Don't recognize most of these people? Don't worry! Three of them will die within a half decade, and a fourth will become a villain.)

This group shot is just a tease for the next issue, in which Superman joins the rescue squad and Booster is relegated to off-panel crowd control. Man, our hero never catches a break! (At least he wasn't killed off!)

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

This Day in History: 3 Booster Gold Comics!

It may be hard to imagine in this day and age when Booster Gold has all but disappeared from DC continuity, but 26 years ago today, DC published three different books that contained Booster Gold!

Chief among these books was Booster Gold, volume 1, #15. This issue saw the conclusion to Booster Gold's first true time-travel adventure. Rip Hunter had been instrumental in returning Booster to the 25th century, but he plays little role in Booster's escape. Knowing in hindsight that Rip knew that Booster was his father, is Rip intentionally letting his dad get out of trouble because he knows that is the course that history naturally takes? Hmm?

Another storyline drawing to a conclusion this day was found in New Teen Titans #30. Although Booster appears in just a few panels in this book, this adventure is in many ways his introduction to the heroes of the larger DC Universe. This is Booster's first adventure with Green Lanterns, members of Infinity, Inc., and notably his idol Batman! Welcome to the DCU, Booster Gold!

The final book published this day was the the final issue of a series: Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe. Booster makes an appearance in the entry for the 1000. Booster was too new to the scene to earn his own entry in the first volume of this encyclopedia, but as usual he gets the last word, appearing inside the back cover in a promotion for Booster Gold #15. That's pretty much the Booster Gold motto: if you can't join 'em, buy some advertising space to make sure they at least know your name!

So take heart, Booster boosters. If it has happened before, it can happen again. The only thing separating us from three comics is time, something that a Time Master has plenty of!

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Old Releases: Chase

Today DC is releasing a comprehensive collection of Chase. This 329-page softcover includes the character's first appearance in Batman #550, the far-too-brief 10-issue series itself, and short stories from 8 different Secret Files comics originally published between the late 1990s and early 2000s.

If you have never read the series, you owe it to yourself to partake of writer Curtis Johnson's paranoid trip behind-the-scenes of the DC Universe and artist J.H. Williams III's delicately intricate panel designs.

And if that's not reason enough, be aware that Booster Gold appears or is referenced in at least four -- Chase #4, Chase #6, Chase #1,000,000, and DC Universe Secret Files 2000 (referenced during dialogue between Chase and Blue Beetle) -- of the issues appearing in this collection. This collection contains almost all of Booster's brief fling with Firehawk!

If there is any weakness to this collection, it's that there is no Skeets. Poor li'l guy. The 90s were not a good time to be a football-shaped sidekick.

UPDATE 12/29/2011: I've just been notified that Booster Gold appears (twice thrice!) in Teen Titans #4. Booster is seen in partial advertisements for toothpaste and the Daily Planet in Times Square. It may be a new DCU, but Booster's the same Shining Salesman.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Booster Gold Versus Team Titans

Just for kicks, I thought that I'd compare the sales for Booster Gold's three 2010 series: Booster Gold, Justice League: Generation Lost, and Time Masters: Vanishing Point. While I knew what the the sales numbers were, it's kind of surprising to see them stacked against each other.

Booster Gold Sales Comparison 2010/2011

Booster Gold was the only ongoing series of the three and was also consistently the worst seller of the bunch. Time Masters did only marginally better, despite featuring Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern, three of DC's biggest sellers on a monthly basis. The best seller was a book comprised primarily of characters who have repeatedly proven themselves incapable of sustaining enough fan interest to maintain individual series.

I know that there were more factors at play than just characters (cost, tie-in, promotion, creative teams, etc.), but it would seem that the ensemble cast approach really works.

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