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Wednesday, June 7, 2023

When Big J the Terminator Speaks

Booster booster Koby writes

there hasnt been much booster in comics, this is all we have right now. have you seen this? does this count as booster news? maybe. i miss him. happy pride month?

The "this" in question is this Twitter thread:

Happy Pride everyone!! Here is my only real contribution to the DC Extended Universe and if we're being honest, to culture #TeenTitansGo #boostle #BoosterGold #BlueBeetle -- @space_lt_josh via June 1, 2023

For the record, "Big J" is Teen Titans Go! storyboard artist Joshua Weisbrod, who does have some authority to speak on the matter.

Teen Titans Go! definitely takes place in its own continuity, and it stands to reason that in an infinite DC universe, everyone is in a relationship with everyone else somewhere. So if Weisbrod says Blue and Gold are a romantic couple on Earth-TTG!, I assume they are.

As for whether or not this is "news," well... I mean, yes, obviously, it's news that Weisbrod just said this, but Teen Titans Go! has been Boostling for years. The pics Big J shares are from episodes as far back as 2017. The pic of them hugging in suits is from the season 7 episode "Manor and Mannerism," which aired in August 2021.

Speaking of which, if you look at the "trivia" section of the page for that episode, you'll see

© DC Comics

Married in Earth-1 continuity? Now that certainly is news to me! I didn't even get a wedding invitation.

Thanks, Koby. Here's hoping Booster turns up again sooner than later.

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Monday, May 29, 2023

New Release: Power Girl Special

Ongoing monthly publishing schedules are based on planning for a release every four weeks. So the few months a year where the calendar contrives to have five weeks in a month throws a real wrench into the works.

This fifth week is sometimes called a "skip week" because publishers often release no ongoing books during the week to maintain their regular 4-week release schedules. Rather than just skip a week of potential sales, DC has traditionally solved this "fifth week" problem with mini-events and one-shot standalone issues.

That's why this is the week you'll be seeing the DC Pride 2023 anthology and the Power Girl Special in your Local Comic Shop.

While I don't expect we'll be seeing Booster Gold in either of those issues, they both will be offering Booster Gold fandom-adjacent entertainment. The Boostle crowd will probably find something to love in DC Pride, and Justice League International aficionados will want to read the back-up story in the Power Girl Spcial featuring Fire and Ice, the female "Blue and Gold," if you will.

As made clear last month's press release, Power Girl's Fire and Ice story is laying the groundwork to their own mini-series, Fire & Ice: Welcome to Smallville, coming in September. Again, I have no rational expectation that Booster Gold (and/or Blue Beetle) will be appearing in that series, either. But it would be nice if they did.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Who Do You Love?

During my weekly visit to my Local Comic Shop, the store's newest employee waved me over. "You're the Booster Gold guy, aren't you?" she asked. I confirmed that I was. "Tell me," she said, "what did you think about Booster Gold dating Harley Quinn?"

I assume it was this week's Harley Quinn 30th Anniversary Special that prompted her question. (Booster's not in that, by the way. DC doesn't like to put Booster in anniversary issues, presumably because they don't want him stealing the spotlight. They didn't even give him his own anniversary comic when he turned 30, you know. Not that I'm jealous. I'm sure they'll do right by our boy when he turns 40 in 4 years, right? Right?)

Anyway, in answer to the original question, what I said back in 2020 was

On the one hand, if Booster and Harley were real people and not comic book characters, they'd deserve the same chance at happiness as everyone else. Regardless of the fact that she was trying to kill him as recently as a year ago, the pair would still have the right to seek happy, fulfilling romantic relationships regardless of their past history or public opinion. Whatever anyone outside the relationship (read: me) thinks about the suitability of the pairing of a jock from the future and a psychopath's gun moll should be irrelevant to that relationship.

On the other hand, neither Harley nor Booster is a real person. They are comic book characters who have become widely recognized by fans for being in decades-long relationships with other members of their same sex. Booster's relationship with BFF and fellow hero Blue Beetle has always been intimate but canonically platonic, yet the dastardly damsels Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have chosen a more physical relationship. (As is the norm in American popular entertainment, the good guys have to play it straight while the femme fatales enjoy "forbidden" love.) Is it a coincidence that these two standard-bearers of non-traditional relationships were chosen to enter into a gender-conforming heterosexual relationship by publishers, editors, writers, and artists who should be aware of the characters' metatextual associations? I find that hard to believe.

That still pretty much sums up my feelings, especially in the wake of the aforementioned 30th Anniversary Special, which goes way out of its way to lean into the Harley/Ivy romantic/sexual relationship.

That said, my opinion about the issue really isn't that important. But I can think of someone's whose is. (Hint: his initials are "DJ.") I'll have more to say about that in a future post.

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Friday, March 19, 2021

Summer of Love

DC Comics has announced (via press release) that the company's June 2021 anthology book, DC Pride will focus on a theme of "LGBTQIA+ characters from across the DC Universe."

The press release fails to define "LGBTQIA+". I'm familiar with shorter acronyms, but rather than assume that it meant what I thought it meant, I looked it up. Wikipedia directed me to the University of Illinois Springfield who explained the term as "a common abbreviation for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Pansexual, Transgender, Genderqueer, Queer, Intersex, Agender, Asexual and other queer-identifying community." So more or less everyone who isn't a square.

I assume from the inclusive acronym that DC is trying to reach the largest possible audience with this book. That's commendable (and a pretty good tactic for a large for-profit publishing company). I love DC's anthologies with their focus on the less famous, oft-neglected characters of the DCU, and I will be buying this one, too.

As a straight white guy, I fully admit that I am not in a position of authority to talk about what should or should not be in a book celebrating a community that defines itself with an acronym I didn't know, and I will refrain from doing so.

What I do want to point out is that the press release specifically identifies many familiar characters in the DCU who qualify as LGBTQIA+, including Batwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, Midnighter, Earth-11 Flash, Alan Scott, Obsidian, Aqualad, Dreamer, Renee Montoya, and Pied Piper. Since you are reading this on a Booster Gold fansite, you may notice a couple of key omissions from that list.

Even in the new, inclusive Infinite Frontier DC Universe, DC Comics doesn't Boostle.

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Friday, August 7, 2020

Let's Just Be Friends

In the wake of DC Cybernetic Summer, the past week has become all about Blue and Gold, so now would seem to be the appropriate time for me to make my argument in defense of their canonical, platonic relationship. In a nutshell, I say not everything has to be about sex.

In published canon, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle have been inseparable since the very first year of Justice League International stories. Their intimate platonic love, better known as "friendship," has been the basis for a lot of stories in the decades since in no small part because everyone enjoys spending time with people who so very much enjoy spending time with one other. We like Blue and Gold because they like Blue and Gold, and that's great.

Romantic love is also great. Who doesn't enjoy a good love story where two people find that they each complement the other and form a lasting paired set? Everyone wants to live happily ever after.

But not every great relationship has to be a romantic one. The difference between platonic and romantic love is physical. It's natural for a human to seek out romantic love; we're biologically programmed to want to reproduce. However, a sexual relationship isn't a prerequisite for lifelong happiness, and an intimate emotional connection needn't be merely a stepping stone to a consummated marriage. Perhaps I've read too many chivalric fantasies, but I happen to think that sort of chaste, close relationship is just as worthy of celebration as the romantic kind.

So let Booster Gold date Harley Quinn. (Or not.) But the real love of his life is and always should be Blue Beetle. No romantic feelings or sloppy kisses are necessary to cement that bond.

© DC Comics

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