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It has been 79 Days since Booster Gold last appeared in an in-continuity DCU comic book.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

New Old Release: Superman The Man of Steel v3

I don't think I'd warned you this was coming, but today you can get your hands on Superman: The Man of Steel Volume 3, a reprint collection of twelve Superman comics from the 1980s. It just so happens that Booster appears in three of those:

© DC Comics
Action Comics #594

© DC Comics
Booster Gold #23

© DC Comics
Action Comics #596

Booster Gold sure was all over the place back in late 1987, early 1988. Ah, the good old days.

That last panel is just a cameo, but there's actually quite a good bit of Booster in this collection. Buy this reprint and make Skeets happy.

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This Day in History: Watch out, Kilowog

Twenty-two years ago today, Booster Gold ambushed Kilowog in Superman: Man of Steel #10. At the time, the Green Lanterns' rings were vulnerable to anything colored yellow. That made Booster a good tool for Brainiac to use against them,

© DC Comics

The "Panic in the Sky" story ran through several issues of the linked Superman titles in early 1992. Superman assembled a team of heroes — the Justice League being temporarily disbanded at the time — to stop Brainiac from using Warworld to conquer Earth. Booster Gold only played a small part in the story, but as we all know, a little Booster is better than none.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

A Blaze of Booster Gold Media Glory

If you haven't heard the news yet, Scott Johnson over at has found an Easter Egg in the latest Man of Steel trailer. As you might have guessed from seeing it referenced here, it's Booster Gold related.

At the two minute and twenty-seven second mark in the third Man Of Steel trailer, Superman and General Zod are shown flying directly at each other with the Metropolis skyline in the background.

In the Metropolis skyline, there is a building with a blurry yellow and white neon sign. blew up a hi-res version of the image, and the blurry yellow and white sign is actually for "Blaze Comics." In DC Comics, Blaze Comics is the comic book publisher that publishes the Booster Gold comic book series.

Johnson goes on to speculate about what this news might mean and why Blaze Comics was chosen for inclusion. I'm just happy that Booster has found a way to crash Superman's movie.

Elsewhere on the Internet, Geoff Johns told Steve "Frosty" Weintraub at that the Booster Gold television project isn't officially dead yet.

Booster Gold TV series: still in development, Andrew Kreisberg is working on it right now.

"Still in development" isn't really revealing very much, but at least it's better than "not still in development!" Is the show headed somewhere other than SyFy, which didn't even mention it in their 2014 upfronts last month? Skeets' fins are crossed that the show comes to TV sooner rather than later!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Old Release: Superman The Man of Steel v7

Good news, Booster boosters! Booster Gold makes a cameo appearance in a new release today.

If you run out to your Local Comic Shop and pick up Superman: The Man of Steel Volume 7, you'll find our hero in some reprinted vintage action!

What, you didn't spot him? Here, let me help.

Hey, Look! It's Booster Gold!

That's our Booster, hiding right there behind Firestorm and Jade. This panel originally appeared in Action Comics #596. How many of you bought that when it was on the newsstands in 1987?

Ok, so it's not much Booster, but you have to admit that DC did publish a book with Booster Gold in it today.

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