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Monday, October 9, 2017

What We Learned at NYCC 2017

The closest thing to Booster Gold news coming out of New York Comic Con this past weekend was included in this report of the "Sunday Conversation" panel with Dan DiDio and Keith Giffen (among others) as reported by Joe Glass for

A fan says he'd love to see Seven Soldiers of Victory book, another says Booster Gold, another with Secret Six. Someone says Ambush Bug (Giffen: "No.")

So Booster was a no-show at NYCC, but he's not so underrepresented at all conventions.

This is George Pooley (with his "best mate") at the MCM Manchester Comic Con in the UK back in July:

George Pooley as Booster Gold at MCM Manchester 2017

See? Blue and Gold were in the house!

Thanks to George for sharing. Keep up the good cosplaying, men.

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Friday, December 2, 2016

Dan DiDio's Office Is Full of Junk

The latest thing to be reborn at DC Comics is Direct Currents, their free in-house advertising periodical. I found issue number 1 in my Local Comic Shop this week. Booster Gold isn't inside, but his little buddy is!

© DC Comics
"The Further Adventures of DC Co-Pub Dan DiDio", Direct Currents #1 (2017), page 16

Yup, that's definitely Skeets, among the "hidden items" like Aquaman's trident and Green Lantern's power battery in the corner of Dan DiDio's office playset. (What's that you say? They're not very hidden? Perhaps you expect too much from a free advertising periodical.)

Although it's not listed among the hidden items in the office, I have to think that's Rip Hunter's whiteboard there behind Doll DiDio. Why Rip might be doodling Batman's head is anybody's guess, but I have to assume that its because his old foe The Eraser will be appearing in the next wave of Rebirth titles. It could happen.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Hope Springs Eternal

Thanks to the highly unscientific poll, I think we can be reasonably sure that the Chip Kidd "Variant" is going to be the rarer (read: more expensive) cover in years to come.

Last week's poll question: Which cover for Convergence: Booster Gold #1 did you buy? (51 votes)

Which cover for <emn>Convergence: Booster Gold</em> #1 did you buy?

Over in the Forum, Morgenstern has brought it to our attention that Dan DiDio has said that one Convergence mini-series will "definitely continue on, but in a new setting." Matt SantoriGriffith (@FotoClub) wondered whether it might be Booster Gold.

"@FotoCub Booster is a little too obvious, don't you think?"
— Dan DiDio (@dandidio1), May 3, 2015,

So what Booster Gold fans to make of that?

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Only Thirty Dollars an Issue

Last week in his interview with Vaneta Rogers for, Dan Jurgens said

Tell DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio you'll buy 10 copies each of every issue and that all your friends will do the same and you'll have a Booster Gold series in no time.

DC Comics has been as good as their word since promising to "Hold the Line at $2.99" in 2011. Therefore, you could expect to grab 10 copies of a new Booster Gold comic for $30 (plus tax). Maybe less, if your Local Comic Shop offers subscriber discounts, as many do. I know a lot of people who spend much more than that on comics every week!

So to make it easy for you to send the word to Dan DiDio that Booster Gold fans are willing to celebrate the Capitalist system for which Booster Gold stands, I've made this handy postcard:

Buy More Booster Gold

Just download the PDF, print it out, sign your name, affix a stamp, drop it in the mail, and start a savings account for the day when Dan DiDio takes us up on our offer!

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Blue and Gold Converging

Over the weekend, Russ Burlingame of uncovered a clue to Convergence on Dan DiDio's Facebook page.

© DC Comics

"Blue Beagle" and "Rooster Gold" animal heads aside — are we going to see a Blue and Gold crossover with Captain Carrot's Zoo Crew? — what's the rest of that picture from? Says detective Burlingame:

This also wouldn't be an old image that this reporter simply doesn't recognize. Ted Kord has only ever shared a single panel with this version of Booster Gold before -- in Futures End: Booster Gold. That issue saw Booster careening out of control through DC's Multiverse, before ending up "home" in the pre-Flashpoint DC Universe. The armored costume -- generally depicted with an A.R.G.U.S. emblem on it, although not here -- first appeared in the Justice League International Annual #1 in the New 52, meaning that Ted Kord was not a superhero and shared no history with Booster Gold when that look debuted.

So is this image teasing a Blue and Gold reunion in the mainstream DCnU? I guess we'll find out as we get closer to April 2015.

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