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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Holy Matrimony, Booster Gold

Personally, I think you should never give someone money just because they've hired a celebrity spokesperson. Unless that spokesperson is Booster Gold.

Last week's poll question: Would you give money to a charity just because Booster Gold endorsed it? (40 votes)

Would you give money to a charity just because Booster Gold endorsed it?

Yesterday, Russ Burlingame pulled the scab off a wound when he reported at that Dan Jurgens still refuses to divulge his plans for the long cancelled Booster Gold Volume 2.

"I always look at it and say there’s going to be a chance one day, someday somehow, to give those answers."
-- Dan Jurgens

We've only been waiting 4 years since Flashpoint ended to learn who Black Beetle is or who Booster Gold marries. It took about 9 years to see what Dirk Davis did with Booster's fortune after Millennium, and about 20 to see Booster reunited with his dead sister. Compared to those numbers, 4 years is the blink of an eye. A very, very slow blink.

To pass the time, let's reinvestigate who we think the likely suspects are to marry Booster Gold. I'm sure you remember Trixie Collins, and no doubt you're familiar with Godiva and Liri Lee, but you may have forgotten time traveler Sondra Crain or Flashpoint damsel-in-distress Alexandra Gianopoulos.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Vote in Today's Poll and Feed a Starving Child

Given how often I see the design repeated in fan art, I cannot believe that no one voted for "teardrop" Skeets.

Last week's poll question: What's your preferred Skeets design? (42 votes)

What's your preferred Skeets design?

It's demonstrable that celebrities bring attention to some good causes they choose to promote, but would we trust the word of a glory-hungry, fame-seeking spokesperson like Booster Gold when he asks us to donate our time and money to the latest cause of the week?

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Let Them Eat Rice Rockets

Earlier this week DC Entertainment announced that they had partnered with Kia Motors America to create five one-of-a-kind customized cars featuring Justice League characters. The press release announced that these "radical machines" were created utilizing Jim Lee's Justice League designs in order to promote DC's "We Can Be Heroes" charity campaign. "We Can Be Heroes" supports of Horn of Africa hunger relief. The cars will be auctioned off later this year with proceeds going to the campaign.

When I hear "Justice League character" and "radical machine," I think "Boostermobile." However, given that DC's latest custom vehicles are destined for a charity auction, it's understandable that our favorite Corporate Crusader would be reluctant to donate his beloved Boostermobile to any cause that didn't profit Booster Gold.

These cars were unveiled Tuesday at the 2012 SEMA trade show in Las Vegas. While I gotta admit that a car show seems a good place to show off some sweet customized cars, SEMA shows are not open to the general public. If the goal of these cars was really to "raise awareness" of your campaign, DC, maybe you should try just driving them down the street instead.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Fringes of Fandom?

I'm quite glad to see that each of these artists has supporters among Booster Gold fans. (At this point, I'd even be willing to see Liefeld get his hands on Booster.)

Last week's poll question: Which still-active artist who has never drawn Booster Gold would you most like to see draw the character? (41 votes)

Which still-active artist who has never drawn Booster Gold would you most like to see draw the character?

That was fun. We'll revisit the topic of artists in the near future. In the meantime, a more topical question given my recent post:

One more thing of note: Adam Warrock of "Booster Gold" rap fame will be having a 24-hour long Rap-A-Thon fundraiser tomorrow to help replace equipment recently stolen. If you liked his Booster Gold rap, or if you'd like to hear him make more DC or pop-culture-centric raps in the future, consider popping over to his site tomorrow, August 24, 2012, and making a donation to his cause.

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