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Friday, August 5, 2016

365 Days

Have I ever run a poll with such even distribution of responses?

Last week's poll question: Why do you think we haven't seen Booster Gold in a comic in the past year? (51 votes)

Why do you think we haven't seen Booster Gold in a comic in the past year?

With no announced upcoming Booster Gold appearances in the pipeline, I guess there's plenty of blame to go around.

I decided to reach out and ask Booster's creator, Dan Jurgens, what his opinion was on the reason for Booster's prolonged absence from the DCnU.

At this point, it probably has more to do with the fact that DC has recently retooled its line and is really focusing on the core JL members and books.

That having been said, I'd like to do something with him soon!

Thanks, Dan! Hope springs eternal!

Bobdogrjr said in last week's comments he thought we'd see Booster in Action Comics 1000. Maybe he's on to something.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Where Oh Where Has Booster Gold Gone

This time next week, barring an unexpected, unannounced appearance in some random comic on Wednesday, Booster Gold will have been missing from new comics for one full year. That's unprecedented in the history of the character.

What do you think accounts for this remarkable absence of a character who has, on average, appeared in at least one comic every other week for the past 30 years?

This week's poll question: Why do you think we haven't seen Booster Gold in a comic in the past year? Please visit the Boosterrific Polls page to view results for this week's poll.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Another International Justice League Disbanded

You might recall that DC teased us after Convergence with news that Justice League United was being revamped to include future guest appearances by assorted DC heroes, including Booster Gold.

Never mind.

DC has announced it is cancelling Justice League United effective with issue #16 shipping in December. If Booster doesn't make an appearance in the series by then, he's going to need to start his own team.

For more information on this and the other four titles that DC is canceling, visit

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dan Jurgens Talks to Den of Geek

Marc Buxton interviewed Dan Jurgens for Den of Geek! last week and asked some pretty good questions about Jurgens' career. Of note to Booster Gold fans was how Dan feels about various eras in Booster's history.

Buxton: When you aren't writing Booster, did you follow his adventures? What do you think were some of the character's highs and lows?

Jurgens: I certainly followed Giffen's Justice League stuff with Booster, and ended up writing that book myself for a while, which gave me the chance to do Booster again.

In general, anything that keeps the character in the public eye is a positive, though I think it all got a bit too absurd at times.

Strange thing is that fans constantly clamored for a Blue and Gold/Blue Beetle Booster Gold book, yet it never happened. Nor will it, now that we’ve moved on to the New 52. That was an opportunity lost.

Buxton: Why was JLI canceled? Can you give us insight to what was to come?

Jurgens: I think they wanted to remold the JLA franchise a bit overall. Because JLI was a standalone book, I think they felt that the only real connection was the name. We kicked around the idea of a title change a bit, but they decided to cancel it.

I've always felt that was a bit short sighted. Had we continued, I'm quite confident that a year later we would have had higher sales than a lot of books they ended up keeping and trying to save.

Enlightening. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. If you have any interest in Dan Jurgens' 30-year career, visit and give it a read.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Comics in Five Panels

A few weeks back, Booster booster Eyzmaster and Waezi2 got together over at Comics In 5 Panels to discuss Justice League : Generation Lost. The premise of the site is to use 5 panels to recap a single series, but it's impossible to talk about the impact of Generation Lost without mentioning the New 52.

Waezi2: Even weirder is that despite Booster Gold being pretty popular the last couple of years before the Nu52, Johns made him... disappear. LITERATELY!

Granted, JLI was apparently not a big success, and Johns has a reputation for using C-List characters as canon-fodder to make them seem important, but when Frankenstein was cancelled, he was at least made part of Justice League Dark(can you believe how cheap DC is today?). So that's actually n52 in a nutshell: "Hey, kids! Sorry that you will never read about Booster Gold again, but it was SO important to make it clear how BIG an impact Superman and Wonder Woman making out has."

Bottom-line: third-stringers has no place in n52.

You can find the whole article at

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