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Friday, September 3, 2021

This Day in History: Digging Out

Booster Gold is often criticized for his relentless pursuit of the spotlight. But if that's all you know about Booster, you don't really understand him.

While, yes, he does want to be loved, he also really cares about helping people as we can see in the aftermath of Monarch's destruction of Metropolis' S.T.A.R. Labs headquarters building as detailed in these panels from Armageddon 2001 #2...

© DC Comics
words by Denny O'Neil; art by Dan Jurgens, Art Thibert, Steve Mitchell, John Costanza, Adrienne Roy

...and this page from Action Comics #670...

© DC Comics
words by Roger Stern; art by Bob McLeod, Denis Rodier, Bill Oakley, Glenn Whitmore

...both of which were released 30 years ago today!

Helping those who need help, that's the work of the real heroes. Keep up the good work, Buster!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

This Day in History: the Future

In the year 2001, mankind's freedoms were sacrificed for the sake of security by a tyrannical government that seized power after a well-planned attack on American soil. Thankfully, this kind of scenario could only happen in comic books.

On this day in 1991, DC Comics launched their summer crossover series Armageddon 2001. The book was created by an all-star cast: written by Archie Goodwin and illustrated by Dan Jurgens and Dick Giordano. However, it is far more famous for the illogical resolution to its story, which DC changed at the last minute due to the conclusion being leaked to the public. In the non-stop media-hype of the 21st century, that action seems rather quaint in hindsight.

The setup for the story revolved around the mystery of which DC hero betrayed the rest to become a world-dominating tyrant. A time-traveler from the future makes it his mission to investigate the heroes of the 20th-century in an attempt to forestall his own horrible fate. Naturally everyone was a suspect, including Booster Gold.

© DC Comics

Honestly, Booster plays only a small part in this story and probably then only because Jurgens was the artist. Perhaps it was too far-fetched an idea that foolish Michael Jon Carter would one day wield the power to control the world. More likely, it may have been impossible for readers to believe that an egomaniac like Booster Gold would rule hiding behind a mask.

Despite Booster's tangential involvement, the story is actually quite entertaining. Betrayal and the temptation of power are themes regularly investigated in super hero comics. This story simply takes those themes to a logical extreme and with the addition of time travel, provides a frame story that allows the creative teams of the era to incorporate the crossover event into their series in organic and entertaining ways.

If you can get past the tragically unsatisfying ending, this 2001, like the year itself, is worth a second look.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Boosterrific Still Needs Your Help!

Booster Gold in Armageddon 2001

Now I've gon ad-crazy. In addition to the Booster Gold Volume 1 ads I mentioned last Friday, I'm now also looking for ads from May 1991 for Armageddon 2001 and August 2007 for Booster Gold Volume 2. If anyone of you out there reading this were to come across any issues with any of these ads, please let me know. Again, you will receive proper credit for any instances that you turn up that are not already in the database. Thanks for the help.

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