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Convergence Booster Gold

“Ride the Wave”

Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2015
Released April 29, 2015

Cover Price: $3.99
Estimated Issue Sales: 34,191 Rating
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Cover Description: There are two covers to this issue. The first is a portrait of Booster Gold is split down the middle, with New 52 Booster Gold on the left and the post-Crisis Booster Gold on the right. The alternate cover is a close up of Booster Gold from Justice League International Annual #1.

Brief Synopsis: Booster Gold tries to save himself from Telos.

Booster Gold's role in this story:
Featured (Booster Gold plays a prominent role)

Costume Worn: MARK XIII power-suit

Issue Notes: This 2-issue mini-series is part of the Convergence crossover event pitting characters from across DC continuities and time periods.

This story has been reprinted in:
Convergence: Infinite Earths Book Two (2015)

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Page 4, panel 1
Picking up after the events of Futures End: Booster Gold #1, Booster Gold is still a prisoner of Brainiac. Post-Crisis continuity Rip Hunter and New 52 continuity Skeets are orchestrating a jail break! (While this is the first appearance of Skeets in this triangular style, this is not its first appearance in the New 52 continuity. Skeets was previously seen on panel in Stormwatch #12.)

Page 5, panel 1
ALTERNATE REALITY: Booster doesn't know who Rip Hunter is. Is there no New 52 incarnation of Rip Hunter, or has Booster just not met him yet?

Page 5, panel 3
Hunter tells Booster that the original Booster Gold -- who we will refer to as "Original Gold," or OG, from here on out for clarity -- is his father. Hunter withheld this information from OG prior to Flashpoint.

Page 6, panel 1
Booster, Rip, and Skeets are in Skartaris, the world within the Earth in which the adventures of DC Comics' The Warlord take place. Skartaris, like many other locations from Earth, have been transported by Brainiac to the sentient planet Telos near Vanishing Point. (For more information about Telos, see the Convergence mini-series.)

Page 6, panel 2
Deimos is the arch-foe of The Warlord Travis Morgan. In Convergence, Deimos claims to be working against Brainiac, but if that's the case, how did he end up being the "jailer" of Booster Gold?

Page 7, panel 1
Rip Hunter is not pleased that Booster revealed to Brainiac the location of Vanishing Point, even though Booster was trying to save the life of post-Crisis continuity Michelle Carter. Though it has yet to be made explicit, the way that Booster speaks of Michelle, it's probable that she is Booster's twin sister in both continuities.

Page 7, panel 5
Booster accuses the Kardasians from stealing their "M.O." from him. In reality, Kim Kardashian has built a multi-million dollar media empire out of fame she gained largely from exploiting her good looks and brazen public persona. She is widely accused of never having actually done anything to earn her position.

Page 8, panel 5
After taking credit for discovering the Multiverse with OG Booster Gold, Rip Hunter appears shocked that there could be a reality where Superman and Wonder Woman are a couple. He calls the New 52 continuity "all that matters." That sounds ominous for the fate of Rip Hunter and OG Booster Gold.

Page 9, panel 1
Rip and Hunter come across the prison of time travelers from throughout the Multiverse. Identifiable characters are (first row, left to right) Goldstar, OG Booster Gold, Pre-Crisis Rip Hunter, Time Trapper, Hourman III, Hunter, the Linear Man, Per Degaton, (second row) Monarch, Linear Woman, another Time Trapper, unknown, Epoch, Liri Lee, Black Beetle, (third row, starting from the center), unknown, another Time Trapper, Extant, Chronos I. We can see but a small sample of all the trapped people, so it is easy to assume that most if not all DC time travelers may be currently in this room.

Image Copyright DC Comics

Page 12, panel 1
A PAIR OF DOCS?: Booster Gold, meet Booster Gold. Again. (This is the third meeting between Booster Golds of different time periods/universes.)

Page 12, panel 4
Writer Dan Jurgens appears to be taking a dig at the Superman of the New 52 through OG Booster's question about Superman's motivations. Jurgens is most famous for his long run writing Superman comics in the 1990s, and wrote briefly the New 52 Superman for six issues in 2012.

Page 13, panel 1
Enter Deimos himself, ordering the Lizardmen into combat against the Warlord's ally Machiste.

Page 17, panel 3
POWER UP: Hunter describes the New 52 Skeets as more powerful than the classic Skeets. Both were security bots, but Booster explains that this new Skeets was a prototype SKS "soldier's assistant/security escort" droid designed for war.

Page 17, panel 4
FASHION ALERT: How is Booster Gold flying? At no point in this issue is he wearing a Legion Flight Ring.

Page 18, panel 1
HIS STORY: The Booster Gold of the New 52 continuity clearly does not have the time travel experience of his older counterpart. This is his first trip to 31st-century Metropolis.

Page 19, panel 1
The Legion of Super-Heroes attacks. Despite also being trapped in a dome, the Legion seems to have access to their super powers. (This may be because of OG Booster's sudden appearance in their dome, just as Booster's presence in Hub City let Captain Atom and Doctor Spectro use their powers in Convergence Blue Beetle #1.) The are the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Legionnaires, including Brainiac 5, Ultra Boy, Superboy, Shadow Lass, Invisible Kid II, Sun Boy, and Colossal Boy.

Page 19, panel 2
The first speech balloon in this panel should point to Invisible Kid, not Goldstar.

Page 20, panel 1
Again, Jurgens is making meta-commentary on the New 52 by having Booster Gold taunt Superboy's costume. The post-Flashpoint Superman no longer has red shorts on the outside of his costume, a reation to common complaints that Superman's shorts-on-top combo had become a dated look.

Page 20, panel 4
By this point, the reader should probably be wondering why Booster Gold and the Legion of Super-Heroes are fighting. Given that the dome is still up, the events of Convergence have not yet started, so the Legion shouldn't yet be expecting a fight. And shouldn't the Legion have noticed that Booster wears a Legion Flight Ring? Unless, as earlier noted, the missing ring isn't an artist's oversight but a Convergence retcon of New 52 Booster's powers.

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Boosterrific Review: I know I'm biased, but this issue is the cream of the crop of the Convergence tie-in mini-series. Paradoxically, it is at the same time impenetrable to new readers. (Back in the day, it was assumed new readers would jump in with both feet and pick up the myriad characters and locations in the DCU as they went along, but these days, it seems it's almost a crime to pack a new issue full of dense, wall-to-wall storytelling.) My biggest gripe about the issue is how several passages seem to be setting up the end of a character I've been reading for three decades. That's... uncomfortable. Otherwise, a very good read.

Boosterrific Rating:

  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
Worth Its Weight In Gold.

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