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Booster Gold

“Day of Death: Aftermath”

Volume 2, Issue 25, December 2009
Released October 14, 2009

Cover Price: $3.99
Guide Price: $4.00 (as of 2011)
Estimated Issue Sales: 21,584 Rating
  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
Fan Rating
  • Currently 4.5/5 Stars.

Booster Gold, Vol. 2, #25. Image © DC Comics



Writer: Dan Jurgens
Penciller: Dan Jurgens
Inker: Norm Rapmund
Colorist: Hi-Fi Designs
Letterer: Travis Lanham
Assistant Editor: Harvey Richards
Editor: Michael Siglain
Cover Artists: Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund

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Cover Description: Booster Gold poses alongside Batman and Robin.

Brief Synopsis: Booster Gold unwittingly finds himself in trouble when trying to recover some important documents from Batman.

Booster Gold's role in this story:
Featured (Booster Gold plays a prominent role)

Costume Worn: MARK I.v2 power-suit

This story has been reprinted in:
Booster Gold: Day of Death (2010)

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Page 4, panel 1
Accompanied by Skeets and Rip Hunter, Booster Gold returns to Hunter's lab. Booster jokingly mentions his "Aunt Gladys," likely a sly allusion to his now out-of-continuity ex-wife (see Formerly Known as the Justice League for details)

Page 4, panel 6
Could it be that Booster Gold has a date with Blair Butler, cover model for Booster Gold, Vol. 2, #23? (Booster always seems to be dating models. What a lucky guy.)

Page 5, panel 5
Rip Hunter is not explicit in his reasoning for demanding that Booster travel back in time immediately, but his point is valid in all of the time travel theories frequently expressed in the DC Universe (detailed here). Despite the fact that Booster currently has the ability to travel back in time to any previous point in history, if time were changed prior to his trip he could conceivably be altered or erased from history and therefore any delay could result in a failure to complete his mission.

Image Copyright DC Comics

Page 5, panel 6
SCHOOL'S IN: Rip Hunter's blackboard is clearly visible in the background.

Page 8, panel 1
Even though Booster had mentioned Damian casually in the previous issue, Booster Gold has his first official encounter with Robin V.

Page 10, panel 1
A PAIR OF DOCS?: Rip Hunter sent Booster back in time "5 minutes" prior to his previous trip to the Batcave to avoid again encountering Batman III. Clearly this strategy has failed. However, if Batman is here, where is the earlier version of Booster Gold?

Page 16, panel 3
This is only Alfred Pennyworth's third issue with an on-panel appearance with Booster Gold, but he does have a point. Booster has appeared in the Batcave on 5 separate occasions, all since 2006 (Infinite Crisis #5; 52 Week 20; Booster Gold, Vol. 2, #1,000,000; Booster Gold, Vol. 2, #11-12; Booster Gold, Vol. 2, #21-22,).

Page 17, panel 1
Booster's time travel tourism has taken him to

  • 16th-century Italy to witness Leonardo Da Vinci's painting of the Mona Lisa (seen in Booster Gold, Vol. 2, #15);
  • 1963 Dallas, Texas for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy;
  • 1912 North Atlantic Ocean for the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic;
  • 1937 New Jersey for the destruction of the LZ 129 Hindeburg zeppelin;
  • 26th-century B.C. Giza, Egypt for the construction of the pyramids;
  • 1st-century A.D. Golgotha, Jerusalem crucifixion of Jesus Christ;
  • ca. 60 years ago (according to the latest DCU timeline) and 50 light years from Earth for the destruction of the planet Krypton;
  • ca. 20 years ago (also according to the latest DCU timeline) in the American Southwest for the meeting between Abin Sur and Hal Jordan;
  • Unknown time and place for "first contact" between humans and aliens.
Booster also says he knows the fate of Amelia Earhart, but that does not necessarily mean he was present for her 1937 disappearance over the Pacific Ocean.

Page 19, panel 4
Demonstrating the elastic nature of time in the DC Universe, Booster Gold travels back "15 years" to visit a young Dick Grayson. In real time, 15 years ago Dick Grayson was wearing the mantle of the Batman during the events of the "Prodigal" storyline running through the Batman family of titles (specifically beginning in Batman #512, cover dated November 1994).

Image Copyright DC Comics

Page 29, panel 3
PRODUCT PLACEMENT: In this issue's Blue Beetle back-up story, "Black and Blue; part 2 of 2," Jaime Reyes gives his hospitalized little sister a Booster Gold action figure. (She was hoping for a Batgirl.)

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Boosterrific Review: A pleasant surprise following the previous issue. This story leaves the familiarly sappy yet satisfying afterglow of a holiday issue, wherein there is little conflict and not much is resolved, but everyone leaves bettered for having had the experience.

Boosterrific Rating:

  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
Worth Its Weight In Gold.

Average Fan Rating:

  • Currently 4.5/5 Stars.
(2 votes)

  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.
infinitymelon (Nov. 12, 2020, 11:41:22)

  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.
KMD (Nov. 11, 2009, 13:42:09)
This should have been an awful issue-not much really happens. But the interaction between Booster and Dick Grayson holds the issue together and we learn more about the Black Beetle in the second story.

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