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 Dan DiDio's Office Is Full of Junk

Friday, December 2, 2016

The latest thing to be reborn at DC Comics is Direct Currents, their free in-house advertising periodical. I found issue number 1 in my Local Comic Shop this week. Booster Gold isn't inside, but his little buddy is!

© DC Comics
"The Further Adventures of DC Co-Pub Dan DiDio", Direct Currents #1 (2017), page 16

Yup, that's definitely Skeets, among the "hidden items" like Aquaman's trident and Green Lantern's power battery in the corner of Dan DiDio's office playset. (What's that you say? They're not very hidden? Perhaps you expect too much from a free advertising periodical.)

Although it's not listed among the hidden items in the office, I have to think that's Rip Hunter's whiteboard there behind Doll DiDio. Why Rip might be doodling Batman's head is anybody's guess, but I have to assume that its because his old foe The Eraser will be appearing in the next wave of Rebirth titles. It could happen.
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 Buster Gold Swag

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

From a branding standpoint, the biggest problem with Booster Gold's costume is that it's awfully hard to trademark a simple 5-pointed star polygon. While that's bad for Goldstar International, it's good for people who want to sell unlicensed Booster Gold t-shirts.

Booster Gold is absolutely © DC Comics

Those are shirts available on, a website devoted to allowing independent artists to merchandise their work. Hmm. Some of those pieces sure do look awfully similar to work owned by DC Comics.

Be careful, artists. While Booster might own the hearts (and wallets) of his fans, DC Comics owns him. American intellectual property and copyright laws allow some leeway for commentary and craftsmen, but they're specifically designed to prevent you from making money selling someone else's idea. If you want to sell a shirt referencing Booster Gold, be clever about it.

Or just sell a t-shirt with a star on it. There's not a lot anyone can do about that.
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 Giving Thanks to Chaos

Monday, November 28, 2016

Over the weekend, Mr. Chaos announced the end of his CW-inspired Booster Gold television show fan fiction. It wasn't canceled for low ratings, but because of a writers' strike (of sorts).

As a writer myself, I know how hard it can be to write long form fiction. I want to thank Chaos for his attempt at giving Booster Gold fans a product that television has, so far, denied us. Give yourself a hand!

If you haven't read his attempt at an Arroverse Booster Gold television series, you can still find it in the Boosterrific Forum.
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