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Friday, May 26, 2017

Booster booster Shawn Baston dropped by comments on Wednesday to say that he'd heard from a reliable source that the next time we see Booster in the comics, his appearance might be influenced by whatever designs the Booster Gold movie will be using.

Given what super hero costumes look like in most movies, that sounds to me like we can expect Booster to be moving out of tights (both his beautiful classic threads and his New 52 duds) and into some black leather akin to what we saw on Smallville or one of the CW's other DC shows.

Or maybe Booster will wear a suit of mechanical armor, 1990s style. Maybe something like this:

© DC Comics

Just so we're clear, this fan art has no connection to the movie (so far as I know). It's just a piece whipped up by Brazilian artist jupirata. You can see more of jupirata's superhero redesigns on
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 Booster Sneaking Back In Soon?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

DC's August solicitations, released Monday, don't show any signs that Booster Gold will reappear in the DCrU anytime soon (other than the reprint of Booster Gold/The Flintstones Special to be included in the DC Meets Hanna-Barbera trade due September 20).

However, in an interview with Terrence Sage, Dan Jurgens gives us a reason to hope:

Sage: For the last question, people are wondering and trying to figure out when will we see Booster Gold under your pen again?

Jurgens: I keep looking for a good spot to sneak Booster in here and there and I have a couple of thoughts about where and when it'll work best. Obviously, I have a lot of love for the character, but when he shows back up I want it to be in a meaningful spot.

Later is better than never, I guess.

You can read the whole interview at
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 Bow Ties Are Cool

Monday, May 22, 2017

Sometimes cosplay isn't enough. Sometimes you have to bring your favorite heroes into your daily attire. That's what Drake McWhorter did.

Dapper Drake McWhorter

Drake, known as TrailerDrake on Twitter, is a big Booster booster (*ahem*), and now he wears his allegiance to Blue and Gold around his neck. If you like it, you can buy your own from dexlarprice on for a very reasonable price.

(Note these ties are quite different from the Etsy Blue and Gold bows I featured last year, though those were also by dexlarprice.)

I have Booster t-shirts and a hoodie. Has anyone else managed to incorporate Booster into their daily wardrobe? And, yes, visible tattoos count.

On a related note — we are talking about Booster Gold merchandise, right? — has everyone signed George Pooley's petition for those cancelled Blue and Gold DC Collectible figures at Spread the word!
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