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 Magical Wands

Friday, December 8, 2017

Booster boosters may remember that DC Collectibles included our hero in the 2015 Justice League Tarot Deck. Booster was the "6 of Wands" with the wands represented by cameras.

© DC Comics

What you may not know is that the artist of the deck, Sara Richard, is selling the original art. The 6" by 11" mixed media illustration of Booster Gold is priced at $400. Cheap!

(Richard is also selling the preliminary sketch for the same piece for just $40. Cheaper!)

Perhaps this is the perfect gift for the Booster Gold fan in your life this holiday season, hmm?
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 This Day in History: Great Gulls!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

On this day in 1998, Booster Gold was in the field when the Gene Bomb was detonated by a rogue alien Dominator. The Gene Bomb threatened the lives of the super-powered people in the world, and it was up to our hero and other heroes without genetic powers (like the Blue Beetle!) to keep the peace.

© DC Comics
© DC Comics
Invasion! #3 by Keith Giffen, Bill Mantlo, Bart Sears, et. al.

Invasion! was Booster Gold's second major DC Universe event. There have been many since, and Booster has usually been relegated to a minor role.

Such is the difficulty of being a time cop dedicated to the preservation of history. Even when Booster knows what's coming, there's very little he can do to stop it.
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 In the Newsarama

Monday, December 4, 2017

DC has finally confirmed the artist for Action Comics #993 . . . and it's exactly who we thought it would be.

Vaneta Rogers interviewed Dan Jurgens for last week:

Nrama: Where the heck has Booster been?

Jurgens: Surfing the time stream. Like that wouldn't be enough to keep him busy?

Nrama: Good point. OK, so what's Booster's role in the story with Superman?

Jurgens: If Superman is going back to the moment of Krypton's destruction (which he is), he's putting himself in a very precarious position. What happens if he’s stuck on Krypton when the planet blows? How would that change time? Because of that, Booster gets involved.

. . .

Nrama: You're getting to draw the covers for the Booster storyline. What's it been like penciling Superman and Booster Gold again with this run?

Jurgens: It's taxing, as I'm still writing a lot of stuff as well, but it's been fun to come back for the covers. I’m also drawing two issues, #993 and #994, which is also a lot of fun! I really wish I had more time to draw.

So now we have an extra reason to buy "Booster Shot." (As if we needed one!) "Booster Shot" starts in Action Comics #993, coming to a Local Comic Shop near you next week.
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