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 Nature Plays April Fools on Me

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The first thunderstorm of the season rolled through yesterday evening, and it took my modem and router with it. That means no post today because I am not typing any more than necessary from my phone. Enjoy April Fools day without me.
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 Booster Gold as The Traveler's Dad

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The time-traveling "Han Solo-esque rogue who gets by with his charm" has been cast for the Arrow/Flash spin-off on the CW. News broke yesterday that Arthur Darvill (known to all time-travel fans as Rory on Doctor Who) will be playing Rip Hunter.

Whether this news makes you happy or sad that it won't be Booster Gold in the upcoming series, you have to admit that The Boy Who Waited is imminently qualified for the part (assuming he can speak in an American accent).

Read the whole news at
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 Understanding Convergence

Monday, March 30, 2015

DC will be including short primers in the various Convergence mini-series to catch newer readers up on the events that inspired these new comics. Obviously a lot happened during the JLI's decade-long run, and it's amusing to see what DC thinks readers will need help remembering, including these two panels:

© DC Comics
Justice League America #35

© DC Comics
Justice League America #80

The first panel is clearly the inspiration for the events of Countdown to Infinite Crisis, and the second is the single ugliest Booster Gold costume ever. Personally, I think they're both events in JLI history that I would rather forget!

You can see the whole piece at
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 30 Years of Embarrassment

Friday, March 27, 2015

Even by comic book standards, "Booster Gold" is kind of a funny name. In the now-classic origin story in Booster Gold #9, Booster himself tells us that the name was an accident!

© DC Comics

I always wondered if there was any real-world truth to this scene. Was Goldstar the original working title for Booster Gold? Did Booster Gold creator Dan Jurgens flub the pitch to DC executives, resulting in a "Booster Gold" comic instead of the intended "Goldstar" comic? For the answer, I went straight to the source and asked Jurgens directly. In a nutshell, the answer was "no." Here's what he said:

I was really hooked on "Booster Gold" right from the start. I liked the way it rolled off the tongue and, more importantly, touched on two aspects of his character:

1) "Booster" signifies both the concept of stealing something (to boost a ring, for example) as well as the the self-promoting aspect of it.

2) "Gold" clearly pertained to his quest for star status and money.

In other words-- it fit!

There's only one Booster Gold. Accept no imitations.

The True Story of Booster Gold

Thanks to Dan Jurgens for indulging my quest to document every little thing I can about the history of the original Corporate Crusader.
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 I Spy with My Little Eye

Thursday, March 26, 2015

You guys visit more often than Google does, so I'm going to try to keep you happy.

Last week's poll question: What device do you most often use to visit (60 votes)

What device do you most often use to visit

If you couldn't tell from the "Movie Poster Variants" on shelves this month, DC has fallen in love with variant covers. (DC may be celebrating the 80s with Convergence, but their marketing strategy is clearly from the 90s.) But do all these alternate covers that have nothing to do with contents work to sell more comics?

This week's poll question: Will you buy a comic just because Booster Gold is on the cover?

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