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 Nothing Says Etsy Like a Booster Gold Hoodie

Friday, April 18, 2014

I know I showed you a Booster Gold hoodie on Monday, and typically I wouldn't show you another one so quickly, but Courtney dropped by Monday's comments to point out this limited time offer:

Booster Gold custom hoodie by Hoodied

Hoodied, the seller of this handmade hoodie is currently taking orders for this Booster Gold-inspired hoodie, but will stop on April 20. That's this Sunday.

So if you want your very own Booster Gold hoodie — and who doesn't — hurry over to and place your order. Be forewarned: this Boosterrific beauty will set you back $130.00 plus shipping. It's a small price to pay for fashion this golden.
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 Creative Casting

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Futures End was all we talked about yesterday, as we were excited about the possibility of Booster Gold getting his own comic. As much as I enjoy Booster Gold, Batman Beyond, and time travel stories, Futures End still strikes me as too derivative for its own good. But then again, the whole New 52 seems like an overlong, carelessly Elseworlds story to me, so I'm guessing I'm just not the target audience.

Last week's poll question: What is your reaction to this weeks spoilers for FUTURES END? (36 votes)

What is your reaction to this weeks spoilers for FUTURES END?

Now for something completely different. Captain America 2 has made a mountain of money for Marvel Studios. Why does the public seems to like Marvel movies more than DC movies? Could it be because of stars like Chris Evans? You know, that guy sure would make a good Booster Gold.

This week's poll question: What would you think of actor Chris Evans playing Booster Gold in Booster Gold: The Movie?

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 Spit in One Hand

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Several people were kind enough to notify me that Booster Gold appears in DC's latest teaser image for Futures End. That is Booster Gold, isn't it?

© DC Comics

DC's teasers are designed to keep us excited and talking about their comics. They tend to be more metaphorical allusions than actual promises of published content. Therefore, we probably shouldn't spend too much time discussing what we think of the new costume (Booster's 3rd in the New 52) or what Booster could be doing with Tim Drake as a sidekick. Neither should we debate whether that is Smallville's Booster Gold or whether Booster will have anything to do with Futures End's emphasis on Earth-2 or the DC Multiverse.

However, if you enjoy entertaining such intellectual exercises, be my guest. You'll find the conversation has already started in the Boosterrific Forum (with a link to the original teaser image).

UPDATE 2014-04-16: As you can see from the link to that Shawn left in the comments below, it is starting to look like Booster will have a spin-off title related to Futures End. Will it be more relevant to the Futures End story than his Flashpoint adventure? Who cares so long as Booster gets his own title again!
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 X-Factoring in Booster Gold

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The X-Men are no strangers to time travel. It's about time that Booster Gold called them out for their transgressions.

Super-Team Family Presents #729

Ross Pearsall's Super-Team Family is the only comic around featuring Booster Gold on its covers. You'll find I've showcased plenty of his previous Booster Gold team-ups, but his site at Super-Team Family ...The Lost Issues continues to stock new and unique covers daily.
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 Wear Something Contagious

Monday, April 14, 2014

The last custom Booster Gold hoodie I showed you wasn't real. This one is.

Booster Gold custom hoodie by Contagious

This particular piece of awesome custom apparel comes to as part of a Blue and Gold set crafted by Follow the link to see the companion Beetle hoodie.
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