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Thursday, October 30, 2014

I don't think that Booster Gold fans should have to choose. I want to see Booster Gold in movies and television, animated and live-action!

Last week's poll question: In which medium would you be most excited to see Booster Gold in action? (63 votes)

In which medium would you be most excited to see Booster Gold in action?

I wasn't in love with LEGO Batman 2, but then it didn't have Booster Gold in it!

This week's poll question: Are you planning on buying LEGO Batman 3:Beyond Gotham?

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 Tooting My Own Horn

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I've finally put all the Flash ads that run above the site banner on one page for your enjoyment. You can find them here:

Salesmanship or narcissism? You be the judge.
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 Waiting for Booster LEGOld

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I've been looking, but in the countless trailers that Traveller's Tales has been releasing for LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Goatham, I still haven't seen any footage of Booster Gold in action. The closest I've come is this shot from "In-Depth w/ LEGO Batman 3's New Characters" released last week by DC Entertainment.

© DC Comics

You can see Booster right there on the character select screen under Game Director Arthur Parson's finger, sandwiched between the Blue Beetle III and Brainiac I. How can I be sure? Arthur helpfully explains that after the first row, the characters are all arranged alphabetically! You can see the whole video at

The game comes out on November 11. (Artmistice Day! When the world will be too busy playing Booster Gold video games to be at war!) If I see any Booster Gold footage before then, I'll let you know.
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 Giffen Speaks His Mind

Monday, October 27, 2014

Do you think that comic book companies and their employees have gotten too tight-lipped and secretive about the business and their plans? Then you need to read Steve Sunu's refreshing interview with Keith Giffen.

CBR News: I want to discuss the slowly increasing connection between "Justice League 3000" and "Justice League International." Was it the plan from the very beginning to bring in these elements from your original "Justice League" run?

Keith Giffen: No, not at all. The original idea was just to get a "Justice League 3000" book out there. Our initial fight was to get our characters through with their personalities the way they are -- Superman's a douchebag, the Flash was our Kenny -- that was the initial fight. Once we got through that, as the stories progressed, I just kept thinking, "What would no one expect? What would be the weirdest thing I could do in this book? ... Beetle and Booster in a refrigerator."

We're bringing Beetle and Booster back, and yes, I'll say it again: It's really them, it's not a trick. In a year from now, I'm not going to be going, "Ha ha! I gotcha!" No, this is the same characters from "I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League" book that ends with "They all lived bwa-ha-happily ever after." This is a direct sequel to that.

Elsewhere in the interview, Giffen is critical of editorial positions, past and present, at the companies that employ him. That he's been a star for decades is probably how he can get away with speaking in a direct way that younger talent might be chastised for.

You can find the rest of the article at NSFW Warning: there's some blue language in there, if you're offended by such things. Thanks to Morgenstern for the link.
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 Find the Hidden Oject

Friday, October 24, 2014

If you aren't following Futures End but you are an obsessive Booster Gold collector (you know who you are), then remember to grab a copy of Futures End #25 at your Local Comic Shop this week. It's your first chance to get a Ryan Sook-drawn Booster Gold.

© DC Comics

Beware: Booster is clearly visible just above the masthead, but he appears nowhere in the pages within. This isn't the first time Booster has appeared on a cover but not the pages in between. That would have been Justice League International #39 in 1990. In that case, the artist was the incomparable Adam Hughes. At least when Booster appears only on covers, the art tends to be pretty good.

(FYI: IF you aren't regularly reading Futures End, don't expect the issue to make any sense. As a stand alone issue, boy, is this thing impenetrable.)
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