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It has been 389 Days since Booster Gold last appeared in a DCnU comic book.

 The Return of the Super Buddies

Friday, August 26, 2016

Earlier this week, J.M. DeMatteis posted this picture of his Justice League International co-collaborator, Keith Giffen, and two other guys on

Giffen and DeMatteis and friends

I always liked seeing artists draw themselves into their comic book adventures. But I like it even more to see the heroes come alive to stand beside their creators.

On a related note, DeMatteis participated in a roast of Giffen at Terrificon last weekend, and he posted a video on his website, Creation Point (by way of The Angry Geeks Show). There's definitely some salty language (okay, "some" might be an understatement: think Beverly Hills Cop), but it's still an entertaining series of anecdotes — including a brief argument about who came up with "Bwah-Ha-Ha" — presenting an oral history of Giffen's long association with DC Comics. I enjoyed it.

Here's to many more years for both Giffen and Dematteis (both separately and together)!
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 New Release: Blue Beetle Rebirth #1

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1 is out today. It features the return of Ted Kord as the mentor to Jaime Reyes. You can find two previews online at and

On a related note, DC Comics released solicitations for comics shipping in November earlier this week. As has become the norm, Booster Gold was nowhere in sight.

Could a future issue of Blue Beetle be where we'll next see our hero? Given that the series is written by Keith Giffen, it seems a possibility. Consider picking up this issue and getting in on the ground floor.
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 Sticking Together

Monday, August 22, 2016

The now familiar Chris Batista art of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold running away from an angry mob (as seen in Booster Gold #34) will soon be available as a pair of vinyl decals from Elephant Gun.

© Elephant Gun

Just like the Dynomighty wallet that used the same art, the stickers are a Previews Exclusive available only to comic shops. They'll be available this October with a $6.00 suggested retail price. Remember, if you want it, you'll need to remind your Local Comic Shop to order it!
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