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Friday, June 7, 2024

My Favorite Pages: Justice League Europe 7

My Favorite Pages

Booster Gold is seen on just two pages of Justice League Europe #7. Therefore, I would normally skip this issue and head straight for part three of "The Teasdale Imperative" JLA/JLE crossover story. But his one page is a pretty fun one, so here you go:

© DC Comics

Between Adam Hughes and Bart Sears, the Justice League was in some pretty good artistic hands in 1989.

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Friday, May 31, 2024

My Favorite Pages: Justice League America 31

My Favorite Pages

Justice League America #31 introduces Adam Hughes as the series' new penciller, and like any human being with functioning eyes, I think his work is amazing. Which is why I can't choose just one favorite page. Here are two!

Page 3:

© DC Comics

And page 15:

© DC Comics

I'd say the JLI has rarely looked better.

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Friday, May 17, 2024

My Favorite Pages: Mister Miracle 8

My Favorite Pages

When a whole quartet of evil androids of Professor Ivo attack Bailey, New Hampshire in Mister Miracle #8, who comes to the town's defense? That's right, it's Booster Gold!

© DC Comics

And let me assure you that Booster's offensive goes great! Really, I mean it. Absolutely do not look at what happens on the next page.

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Friday, May 10, 2024

My Favorite Pages: Mister Miracle 7

My Favorite Pages

Booster Gold appears on only one page of Justice League America #29, so let's fast forward to his much larger role in Mister Miracle #7!

The story of "Just Another Day!" focuses on an impromptu visit by Blue Beetle and Booster Gold to their teammate Mister Miracle's civilian life in Bailey, New Hampshire. Although Blue and Gold have only the best intentions, well, things never quite go the way they want.

After nearly destroying Mister Miracle's secret identity, our heroes are ambushed by the inventor of Amazo, Professor Ivo himself. Or, at least, something that looks like Ivo.

© DC Comics

We'll see how this turns out in Mister Miracle #8 next time.

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Friday, March 8, 2024

My Favorite Pages: Captain Atom 26 and 27

My Favorite Pages

Yes, that banner up there says "one page at a time," but today you're getting two!

In 1989, a three-part story written by Cary Bates in Captain Atom #26 , #27, and #28 that more-or-less resolved the messiest parts of the backstory of why Captain Atom lied to the Justice League about his personal history.

(Turns out the adventures of the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Captain Atom were just a government cover story to disguise how Atom was really blackmailed into participating in the weapons test that gave him his powers by a criminal conspiracy of Vietnam vets in a plot stolen directly from Lethal Weapon. Like I said, it's messy.)

Anyway, the point here is that Booster Gold was one of the three Leaguers who confronted the good Captain with evidence of his mounting lies. Since Booster played a significant role in only the first two chapters of this story, appearing only on the first page of the third, I figured I might as well present my favorite pages from those two issues at the same time.

First is Captain Atom #26. As my favorite page, I could have chosen a sequence earlier in the book in which Booster, Blue Beetle, and Mister Miracle clasp hands then go undercover... by wearing sunglasses. But for full-page goodness, I'm going with page 22, in which a thief from the future living under an assumed name unironically demands "no more secrets"!

© DC Comics

Yeah, the posed figures are stiff, but I'm enamored by the layout. Note how the top of the page is a separate panel presenting an establishing shot of the city skyline, and the tail on Booster's speech balloon acts like a pointer showing where they are, as well as allowing Booster to speak first despite being in the center of the page. I assume the balloons were all created by letterer Carrie Spiegel on top of Pat Broderick's art. Well done.

In the very next issue, Captain Atom #27, my favorite page is also based mostly on what Booster has to say. Despite never having been seen wearing a deerstalker cap or skis, our hero is suddenly an amateur detective and an expert skier!

© DC Comics

And he flies faster than the Blue Beetle's bug? Oh, Booster, is there anything you can't do?

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