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Monday, August 1, 2016

Blue and Gold Cover Draw! Magazine

Booster Gold might not have appeared in DC Comics lately, but TwoMorrows publishing is picking up the slack. They're keeping the humor alive by putting everyone's favorite dysfunctional duo on the cover of the latest Draw! magazine:

Draw! #32 from Two Morrows

As you can tell from the cover blurb, yes, that's art by the inimitable Howard Porter. Porter created this piece exclusively for TwoMorrows by incorporating an unused Justice League 3001 cover idea. There's much more of his talent inside, though Blue and Gold are limited to the cover and a small preliminary sketch for this cover.

If you can't find the issue in your Local Comic Shop, you can order it online at

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Justice League 3000 Blue and Gold Concepts

Last week on Twitter, Bats-Marvelous drew our attention to this unused concept sketch from Howard Porter for the Booster Gold and Blue Beetle in Justice League 3000:

Blue and Gold concept by Howard Porter

Booster may be missing his trademark star, but otherwise, it looks pretty good to me. I especially like the hood, which simultaneously plays with Booster's public profile (what celebrity doesn't try to hide from the press in a hoodie?) and simulates the high collar. Clever, @MrHowardPorter. Clever.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dan Jurgens Hates Cowards

A few days ago, Booster Gold creator Dan Jurgens made a pretty strong statement on Twitter.

Perhaps my least favorite shot of BG ever. Running in total fear from a threat? Have always hated that image. @thedanjurgens

The inspiration for Jurgens' comment was Booster booster Keith Callbeck's post of Ross Pearsall's Super-Team Family mash-up cover of Booster Gold and Blue Beetle running from the Hulk. Pearsall's inspiration was the opening splash page of Booster Gold, Volume 2, #34, drawn by Chris Batista in 2010. Specifically, it is this panel by Batista that Jurgens takes issue with:

© DC Comics

It's easy to understand Jurgens' dissatisfaction with Batista's choice of poses and expressions. That panel has gained some traction on the Internet in recent years. You may have seen it copied by Blue and Gold cosplayers. Howard Porter's 2015 cover for Justice League 3000 #12 saw a similar scene of the panicked pair.

© DC Comics

That wasn't always their reaction to trouble. In their Justice League International heyday, Beetle and Booster were chased by mobs of angry citizens, vampires, middle-eastern dictators, runaway islands, demons, and countless super villains. Yet Kevin Maguire, the artist most associated with the Blue and Gold pairing, never showed Blue and Gold turning tail in fear.

So what's the right way to depict Blue Beetle and Booster Gold running for their lives? Here's Dan Jurgens' take on the scenario in Booster Gold, Volume 2, #7 (2008):

© DC Comics

Ok, so maybe Beetle is still scared. But look at Booster. What a hero!

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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Rematch of the 30th Century

We all know by now that the Justice League International will be visiting the year 3000. But what will they be doing there? Fighting the future Justice League, of course!

© DC Comics

Is that Booster Gold lined up against the clone of Superman? It's about time the Man of Tomorrow was knocked down a peg!

Click the image above to see a bigger copy of the future Channel 52 teaser at

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