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Monday, March 30, 2020

Blame Canada

It's been a long while since I re-posted anything from Ross Pearsall's amazing Super-Team Family Presents... blog, but he's finally given us more Gold, this time teaming with Canada's premiere team of heroes, Alpha Flight!

Super-Team Family Presents #2903

"Come with me if you want to live," indeed.

I'm sure that this team-up is based on Dan "Good Riddance" DiDio's claim that New 52 Booster Gold would hail from north of the border, something that I will once again point out has still never been confirmed or even addressed in the pages of a DC comic book.

So far as I'm concerned, Booster Gold will remain an American until a Black Lantern Ronald Reagan rises from the grave to revokes his citizenship (or at the very least, DC publishes some actual evidence between the covers of one of their comics magazines).

That said, I cannot deny that I love seeing some Gold leading the charge, into the Great White North or anywhere else. Thanks, Ross.

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Booster Gold Still Not Canadian Since 2011

Late last week in honor of Canada Day, The Toronto Star ran an article by Raju Mudhar celebrating Canadian super heroes. Naturally, he highlighted Wolverine, Alpha Flight, and Adam Strange (who is officially Canadian since 2014's Justice League United #0). Unfortunately, he also included Booster Gold.

This still comes up from time to time, so let me repeat that there is no canonical evidence that Booster Gold is anything other than American.

Gold Bless America

Yes, Dan DiDio told the audience at Fan Expo Canada 2011 that Booster Gold was going to have Canadian citizenship in the New 52 DC Universe. But no comic book ever came along confirming (or even insinuating) that.

Since his earliest appearances, Booster has been an American (thanks to direct intervention by United States President Ronald Reagan), and his citizenship has never been explicitly changed in Justice League International Volume 3 or in any other comic. To this day, Booster Gold remains Canadian only at Fan Expo Canada 2011 and nowhere else.

I know you'd love to claim Booster Gold as a native son, Toronto Star, but until DC actually retcons Booster's citizenship in print, he'll remain an All-American Boy.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Jeff Lemire Tells Newsarama: No Gold in JLU

Many of you have probably read yesterday's Vanetta Rogers interview of Jeff Lemire over at If you missed it, here are the important bits (so far as fans of Booster Gold are concerned):

  1. Jeff Lemire thinks Booster Gold is Canadian. (He's wrong.)
  2. Dan Jurgens does not. (He's right.)
  3. Animal Man/Green Arrow are the new Blue Beetle/Booster Gold . (Because Beetle and Booster were busy?)
  4. Booster Gold will absolutely NOT be appearing in his Justice League United series. (Darn.)

So, no reason to buy any issues of Justice League United, then. Thanks for that, guys. I'll be saving my money for Future's End, where there's still the chance to see my hero return to action.

You can read the full interview here. Thanks to ctalbot2085 for giving us the link in the Boosterrific Forum.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Breaking News: Booster Gold Still Not Canadian

Friday the Canadian newspaper The Star broke the news that Jeff Lemire would be taking over Justice League of America when the team moves to Canada.

That news inspired Booster Gold fans everywhere to ask, "if Booster Gold is really Canadian in the DCnU, will he be joining the team?" The answer is no. (And not just because Booster isn't Canadian.)

Jeffrey Renaud of put the question directly to Jeff Lemire:

CBR: I think the only other Canadian character that's been introduced into the New 52 is Booster Gold. Again, I know you are sworn to secrecy on the roster but does Booster play a role in your book?

Lemire: No plans for Booster. I wish I could talk about my roster because it's my dream team -- a couple of other cosmic characters and some current, fairly major characters will be part of the team.

Geez. Booster can't catch a break, can he?

For the record, still no evidence has ever been introduced in canon to contradict Booster Gold's American citizenship as established in Booster Gold Volume 1. Even admitted as much in their countdown of the Top 10 Canadian Heroes. Given that Booster has made exactly 3 comic appearances in the past year and has nothing on the horizon, it doesn't look like there will be any change to that status in the foreseeable future.

Read the rest of the interview with Lemire here. Thanks to Herbert Fung for being the first to email me on vacation and tell me about this breaking story.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Tying off Loose Ends

An overwhelming majority! Well, let's put that issue to rest and never speak of it again.

Last week's poll question: Of what country do you believe Booster Gold to be a citizen? (51 votes)

Of what country do you believe Booster Gold to be a citizen?

With Booster completing two, separate 3-issue stories this month, it is only natural that we compare them. What did you think?

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