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Zero Hour

“Zero Hour”

Volume 1, Issue 0, August 1994
Released August 9, 1994

Cover Price: $1.50
Guide Price: $2.50 (as of 2011)

Zero Hour, Vol. 1, #0. Image © DC Comics



Writer: Dan Jurgens
Penciller: Dan Jurgens
Inker: Jerry Ordway
Colorist: Gregory Wright
Letterer: Gaspar Saladino (as Gaspar)
Assistant Editor: Mike McAvennie
Editor: K.C. Carlson

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Cover Description: Blank white. (No Booster Gold.)

Brief Synopsis: The few remaining heroes of the DC Universe battle Parallax in order to restore the existence of the Universe.

Booster Gold's role in this story:
Cameo (Booster Gold makes a minor appearance)

Costume Worn: MARK I power-suit

Issue Notes: "Zero Hour: Crisis in Time!" issue 5. The issues of Zero Hour are numbered backwards from 4 to 0. All Zero Hour issues are cover dated September 1994. Booster Gold does not appear anywhere within this issue. His image appears on the rear cover as part of a timeline detailing changes in the history of the DC Universe following the events of Zero Hour.

This story has been reprinted in:
Zero Hour: Crisis in Time Omnibus (2024)
Zero Hour: Crisis in Time (1994)

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Page 26, panel 1
Waverider allows time to restore itself in the wake of the heroes' victory at the end of time. Waverider specifically states that "time naturally fell into the pattern we remember... with subtle differences." This time correction returned all of the heroes destroyed by Parallax-instigated time anomalies as if nothing had happened. Though Booster Gold is not pictured, Impulse is, and it can be assumed that Booster was also restored when the time stream resumed its "natural" course.

Image Copyright DC Comics

Page 29
HIS STORY: (REAR COVER FOLD-OUT) In the wake of the reconstitution of the DC universe timeline, the rear fold-out cover of this issue represents the history of major events in the DC universe. Though "the future remains largely unchronicled following the events of Zero Hour," Booster Gold is dated to the year 2458. Though this statement conflicts slightly with the date given in the origin provided in the first Booster Gold series (where Booster was from the year 2462), it can be assumed that the date changed slightly in the reorganization of the DC universe timeline. The year that Booster returns to the "present" is not specifically noted on the timeline, but the Crisis on Infinite Earths is noted to have occurred 4 years prior to Zero Hour. Since Booster was the first post-Crisis DC hero, it can be assumed that he has been present in the "present" for almost 4 years. Since this issue was published in 1994, this statement would indicate a readjustment of Booster's arrival in the "present" from 1986 to 1990, and make some of the 1980s-specific references of the original Booster Gold series no longer relevant, especially since the events in those books may no longer be entirely accurate according to Waverider's suggestion that there may be "subtle differences" in the timeline from what "we remember." (Really, there's never a dull moment when dealing with time-traveling characters.)

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