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“Last Stand”

Volume 1, Issue 8, July 2015
Released May 27, 2015

Cover Price: $4.99
Estimated Issue Sales: 99 Rating
  • Currently 2.0/5 Stars.

Convergence, Vol. 1, #8. Image © DC Comics



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Cover Description: There are several covers to this issue. None of them include Booster Gold.

Brief Synopsis: The heroes of the DC Multiverse combine forces to prevent the destruction of everything they have ever known.

Booster Gold's role in this story:
Cameo (Booster Gold makes a minor appearance)

Costume Worn: Waverider

Issue Notes: The final issue of the 2015 Convergence event that restores the full DC Multiverse.

This story has been reprinted in:
Convergence (2015)

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Page 6, panel 1
Booster Gold, Goldstar, and Waverider arrive on Telos. As good as it is to see them play a role in this main event, there presence here presents a chronological problem with events seen in Convergence Booster Gold #2. Both books share the same editors, so it seems someone should have been paying a little more attention. (Overall, the editing for such a large event as Convergence has been well done, but it's still disappointing to see things slipping through the cracks here at the 11th hour.)

When we last saw Waverider at the end of Convergence Booster Gold, he had sent the New 52 Booster "home" and Michelle to some mysterious place where Brainiac wouldn't find her. Why separate the three of them if they were just to be reunited moments later? Given that Booster and Goldstar play no role in this story other than to introduce themselves to the others, why are they here at all?

Image Copyright DC Comics

Page 7, panel 1
Apparently, Waverider was only interested in protecting Rip Hunter from Brainiac at the end of Convergence Booster Gold #2. Because with Michelle standing behind him, Waverider now summons Brainiac. (Though, to be fair, Booster, Michelle, and Waverider are not seen again for the rest of this issue. Maybe Waverider immediately took them all to safety.)

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Boosterrific Review: As a rule, the final book of the year's biggest event probably shouldn't have its most important action happen off panel. The significance of this issue to the DC Multiverse cannot be overstated, but that doesn't make it a great read.

Boosterrific Rating:

  • Currently 2.0/5 Stars.

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