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royal flush gang

The following list represents the 7 instances where Royal Flush Gang, team of super villians comprised of the Ten, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, usually in suits of spades, has encountered Booster Gold in the pages of a DC Comics publication.

For more information on Royal Flush Gang, see here.

Entries below are presented in chronological order of release date by default. To resort the list, click on the column titles.

August 1987
“Winning Hand”
Villain (as Royal Flush Gang)
Mar/Apr 1992
Villain (as Royal Flush Gang)
May 1993
“Red Winter 6: The Ice Breaks”
Villain (as Royal Flush Gang)
October 2007
“52 Pick-Up, Chapter 1: Secret Origins”
Villain (as Royal Flush Gang)
5. Booster Gold #1000000
September 2008
“Blue & Gold, Conclusion: Holding Back The Years”
Villain (as Royal Flush Gang)
March 2010
“The Tomorrow Memory: Part One”
Villain (as Royal Flush Gang)
7. Power Girl #19
February 2011
“One Step Forward -- Two Steps Back”
Villain (as Royal Flush Gang)




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