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Friday, November 12, 2010

That TARDIS is no Time Sphere

Let's close the week on something a little more fun and whimsical than yesterday's discussion of depressing sales figures, shall we?

Booster Gold/Doctor Who by Brad Millette

Brian Brad Millette submitted the above sketch to the latest "The Line It Is Drawn" column of the Comics Should Be Good blog at Comic Book Resources this week. It's about time that Booster Gold and the Doctor should meet.

No doubt should they ever cross fictional universes for an encounter, this is very likely the reception that Booster Gold would receive from the Doctor. Though I never thought of it this way before, that would make the Doctor very much like Hal Jordan in Vanishing Point: capable of creating the most insane deus ex machina and very disdainful of those who don't share his point of view. Who knew?

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Menace of the Future Man

We opened the week discussing Booster Gold visiting the stories of yesteryear. It now appears we should have been discussing his return to the stories of yesteryear, as it seems that he had already beaten us to it.

Worlds Finest #135 (1963)

In 1963's World's Finest Comics #135, Batman stumbles across a mysterious blue and yellow-clad figure who has apparently traveled from the Gotham City of the future via Time Sphere. Turns out that both the Time Sphere and the mysterious fellow's future-tech was stolen, a fact discovered when Superman travels to the future and meets with the thief's twin sibling. All of this sounds pretty familiar, no?

The story, "Menace of the Future Man" was written by Bill Finger, who perhaps owes more to the creation of Booster Gold than one may have thought. A pretty complete issue review can be found at Silver Age Comics. The story was also recently reprinted in Showcase Presents World's Finest Volume 2.

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