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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Kevin Shinick Says Don't Bother Watching

Russ Burlingame recently interviewed Robot Chicken writer Kevin Shinick. Burlingame asked whether Booster Gold would make an appearance in the upcoming Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 3: Magical Friendship.

Burlingame: Any more Booster Gold? You know I have to ask.

Shinick: You know, sadly, I don't think he's in this one. I voiced him [before] and so when I cut him down, I'm like "Come on!"

See the headline at the top of this post? That's how I interpreted Shinick's admission. It's that knee-jerk response to bad news from people like me that keeps Dan DiDio from telling us the truth about what DC is and is not planning. That means that I'm part of the problem.

If I want to make the world a better place, I guess I'll just have to watch Robot Chicken's DC special despite it containing 0% Gold.

You can read the full interview, in which Shinick discusses some of the other things he's involved with that have nothing to do with Booster Gold, such as a Scooby-Doo/KISS crossover, at

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Kevin Shinick Hearts Booster Gold

Remember that Booster Gold clip that was cut from last September's Robot Chicken DC Comics Special? Kevin Shinick was a writer and voice actor for the episode. This weekend at, Russ Burlingame got him to admit that his relationship with Booster Gold goes far deeper. You did the thing with Booster Gold that never saw the light of day–are we going to get any Booster Gold this time around?

Shinick: I forget if I told you ages ago, but my spec script to get into comics was Booster Gold. I love the character, and it was Geoff Johns who got the ball rolling for me with comics for me. He said, "You should write comics. I think of you and I think of Booster Gold." I said I'd always loved him so I wrote this spec script and I gave it to Geoff and he loved it and that's what precipitated him saying, "Yeah, let me hook you up with DC." Sadly I didn't get to do Booster but I was able to do Batman right out of the gate so I can't complain about that. Well, I meant on the Robot Chicken special, but that was awesome trivia to get by coincidence!

Shinick: Oh yeah! I was Booster Gold in the Special, too. I forgot. I was disappointed to see him cut from that. It was going back in time to kill Hitler–there was a whole scene that I recorded as Booster Gold that didn't make it, I'm sorry to say.

Shinick has written comics for household names like Batman and Spider-Man, but he got his start with Booster Gold. Pay attention up-and-comers, Booster Gold can make you a star!

You can read more about Kevin Shinick and his current work for Marvel Comics at

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Booster Gold Speaks Again for the First Time

The Robot Chicken "DC Comics Special" that aired on Cartoon Network back in September 2012 was amusing, but the DVD is going to be way better. Why? More Booster Gold.

As we already knew, Booster's lines were cut from the final episode, but they were saved for the DVD extras. describes Booster's cut sketch as "Booster Gold's Politics Are...Complex." Robert Greenberger reviewed the DVD for, and he described the deleted Booster Gold scene thusly:

...Booster Gold debating time traveling to kill Hitler with the JSA felt inappropriate (I guess you still shouldn’t make fun of the Holocaust).

That sounds harsh. I feel compelled to defend Booster, but I also realize that there's usually a reason when something doesn't make the cut. We shouldn't expect deleted scenes to be better than what was used, even if they feature more Booster Gold.

You can find out whether or not you agree with the decision or the review when you watch the DVD yourself. It is released today with a suggested retail price of $14.98 ($19.98 for Blu-ray). You can find it wherever fine videos are sold, such as on

(Thanks to Eyz for the release notification.)

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Monday, September 10, 2012

So, Did You See Booster Gold on TV Last Night?

Last night at midnight, Cartoon Network debuted the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special. The shot of Booster Gold versus Solomon Grundy that appeared in last month's episode trailer was seen in the episode, and Booster put in an additional appearance in the group shot at the end.

Teammates Ice and Firestorm each had lines, but poor Booster didn't have any dialogue. At least we were warned. On Friday, Vaneta Rogers of posted an interview with Robot Chicken writer Kevin Shinick that included this paragraph:

"And I actually did a Booster Gold voice, but he got cut," [Shinick] said. "But we put the deleted scenes on the DVDs, so people will get to see that."

If we want to see 5 seconds of talking action figure Booster Gold, it looks like we'll have to buy a $15.00 DVD. Or visit PropJosh on YouTube for free.

Thanks to MetalWoman for warning us about Booster's cut scene on Friday afternoon in the Forum.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Superman Never Made Any Money

It was announced back in April that Cartoon Network's Robot Chicken would have a "DC Comics Special" in their upcoming sixth season. Yesterday, we finally got a quick look at the episode by way of Surprise, surprise, it includes an appearance of Booster Gold (at about 1:34).

So mark your calendars! Booster Gold may not have any comic appearances scheduled through November, but he'll be on your TV this September 9th. (Thanks to Russ Burlingame at for calling this to my attention.)

UPDATE 09/07/12: According to Vaneta Rogers' interview with Robot Chicken writer Kevin Shinick, Booster Gold's speaking part has been cut from the episode. You may or may not still see Booster in the episode, but he won't be opening his big mouth. Thanks to MetalWoman for pointing out this disappointing news.

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