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Monday, March 27, 2023

All the King's Horses and All the King's Men

Flash's so-called "one minute war" has been rolling along for months, and in last week's The Flash #795, we finally got another appearance by the Gold Beetle (last seen in January's The Flash: One Minute War Special).

© DC Comics
"The One-Minute War, Part Six: Give Me Liberty"; written by Jeremy Adams; art by Roger Cruz, George Kambadais, Fernando Pasarin, and many more

Gold Beetle is in only a few panels in this issue, most of which are pretty spoiler-y. What I *can* say is that despite multiple Multiversal reboots, it seems that DC just can't let Heroes in Crisis go.

We'll have to pay attention to future issues for more information.

Thanks to Rob Snow for keeping tabs on Gold Beetle for us.

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Monday, February 27, 2023

Skeets Is Also a Great Cereal Mascot

The final issue of Human Target is out this week, and it's not impossible that UPDATE: Rob Snow assures us that Booster Gold puts in an appearance.

Booster might also pop up this week near Ted Kord in Blue Beetle: Graduation Day — UPDATE: he's actually in the House Ad for Lazarus Planet Omega — or referenced by Rip Hunter and his original team of Time Masters in Stargirl: The Lost Children — UPDATE: he's not, but another rarely seen time-displaced Leaguer is.

One place I wouldn't normally think to look for Booster is in the pages of this week's Batman: Gotham Knights: Gilded City, the comic tie-in to the Gotham Knights video game. Booster isn't often in Gotham City, but he is in the game. Or at least Skeets is.

© WB Entertainment

Obviously, Flakies was the first cereal that Booster Gold ever endorsed way back in 1985 (in Booster Gold #2), and its great to see that they're still in business.

Gotham Knights takes place in an alternate universe where Batman is dead, so while it shouldn't come as a surprise that their cereal is star-shaped, I do have to wonder why they're called "Flakies" if the cereal itself isn't made of flakes? What kind of universe is this?

© DC Comics

Thanks to friend James for spotting these boxes in game on top of Barbara Gordon's refrigerator.

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Monday, February 13, 2023

Aren't You a Little Short for a Stormtrooper?

As Rob Snow recently pointed out to me, January's Flash: One Minute War Special has a Very Special Guest Star:

© DC Comics
"Chapter Four: Future"; written by Jeremy Adams; art by George Kambadais, Matt Herms, Rob Leigh

Gold Beetle's sidekick robot used to be called Skeets (presumably *our* Skeets), but here is renamed Beets. I guess it makes sense that if Gold Beetle combines the legacy of both Booster Gold and Blue Beetle then her robot companion should be an amalgam of Skeets and Buggles (introduced in Blue and Gold #3, half a year after Gold Beetle's debut in Future State: Suicide Squad #1).

We're still waiting on an adventure teaming Gold Beetle up with her ancestors, but I'm sure we're getting closer every day.

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Monday, January 23, 2023

New Release: Blue Beetle Graduation Day 3

Booster booster Rob Snow has spotted Booster Gold in the preview of this week's Blue Beetle Graduation Day #3.

© DC Comics

That is presumably one of Booster's costumes inside that glass jar and not Booster himself. The only way to know for sure is to buy this issue and makes Skeets happy.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Coming Soon: Nightwing 100

January's Nightwing #100 will have at least 8 covers. But Booster boosters only have to worry about getting our hands on 1 of them.

Presenting the "main" cover by series artist Bruno Redondo, featuring a vary familiar couple of colors:

© DC Comics

Blue and Gold forever!

You can see a larger copy of this (and the 7 others) at Thanks to Rob Snow for bringing this to our attention.

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