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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Another International Justice League Disbanded

You might recall that DC teased us after Convergence with news that Justice League United was being revamped to include future guest appearances by assorted DC heroes, including Booster Gold.

Never mind.

DC has announced it is cancelling Justice League United effective with issue #16 shipping in December. If Booster doesn't make an appearance in the series by then, he's going to need to start his own team.

For more information on this and the other four titles that DC is canceling, visit

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Release: Justice League United #11

Today you'll find Justice League United #11 in your Local Comic Shop. Why am I mentioning that? Because this:

© DC Comics

This is the final panel of the Justice League United #11 preview DC released digitally at the end of Convergence. (You can still find it online at If you look closely, you'll see nuBooster Gold just below center.

While Booster Gold certainly doesn't appear in the issue preview found at, it remains a possibility that he will show up in the series sooner or later. Consider yourself warned.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Jeff Lemire Tells Newsarama: No Gold in JLU

Many of you have probably read yesterday's Vanetta Rogers interview of Jeff Lemire over at If you missed it, here are the important bits (so far as fans of Booster Gold are concerned):

  1. Jeff Lemire thinks Booster Gold is Canadian. (He's wrong.)
  2. Dan Jurgens does not. (He's right.)
  3. Animal Man/Green Arrow are the new Blue Beetle/Booster Gold . (Because Beetle and Booster were busy?)
  4. Booster Gold will absolutely NOT be appearing in his Justice League United series. (Darn.)

So, no reason to buy any issues of Justice League United, then. Thanks for that, guys. I'll be saving my money for Future's End, where there's still the chance to see my hero return to action.

You can read the full interview here. Thanks to ctalbot2085 for giving us the link in the Boosterrific Forum.

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