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Friday, October 2, 2015

I Don't Do Fan Casting

After four years of teases that there's a live-action Booster Gold project in the works somewhere in Hollywood, we still don't know who might actually play our hero on screen.

This past weekend, Russ Burlingame made a list of potentials for Burlingame rightly points out that most of the actors we fans would like to see in the role are actually much older than the character himself.

Hollywood has never had a problem with old actors in young parts. Gary Cooper and John Wayne almost always played characters meant to be ten or more years younger than their real-world ages. This is largely a matter of logistics: where are you going to find an actor that has time to both hone his craft and build a widespread fan following by the age of 24?

That said, I have no idea who will be playing Booster Gold. I don't even know who should be playing Booster Gold. I trust most casting directors to be able to find someone I'd never think of. So long as the role doesn't go to Shaquille O'Neal, I think I'll be okay.

Skeets, on the other hand, has to be Martin Freeman.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

He Would Know Best

While I was on vacation, Kevin Maguire, the artist most closely associated with the Bwah-Ha-Heyday of Booster Gold's time with the Justice League International, recommended James Franco for the role in the movies. He'd cast Franco's pal Seth Rogan as Beetle.

I could see @Sethrogen and @JamesFrancoTV as Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. They already have the deepest bromance in movies today.
— Kevin Maguire (@maguirekevin) December 30, 2014

While I don't normally post fan casting here at, I figure if anyone has the right to say who would fit the role, it's the artist most associated with the character (after Dan Jurgens, of course). Franco's a brunette, but he's a dedicated actor who once cut off his arm for a role. I'm sure he wouldn't object to a little hair dye.

Maguire didn't stop with just Blue and Gold, however. He went ahead and cast his ideal JLI movie roles. You'll find the complete list at Comic Book Resources.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

JLI Movie Fan Casting

If the Academy Awards have you in the mood for movies, Fansites over at produced a proposed cast list for a JLI movie late last week. While I'm not much for this sort of thing (I'm not a big fan of hypotheticals: I prefer things I can count, like actual comic book appearances, 'natch), they chose television's Teddy Sears as Booster Gold and James Roday as Blue Beetle. That sounds like something that I'd watch. Aw, who am I kidding. I'd watch a movie with Booster and Beetle if they were played by Ethan Suplee and Andy Dick. I'd complain about it, but I'd still watch.

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