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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Worst Book of the Year

Now that we're past Christmas, popular media will devote the rest of the year to retrospective lists for 2012. Booster Gold fan and comic-book blogger Erin of Exploring the Time Lab has gotten a head start with her own superlatives list. She saves her biggest gripe for last:

Worst Book of the Year: Justice League International Annual. I could have made this the worst character derailment but this comic was worse than that. The writers ignored most of the actual comic series itself which felt like a big screw you to the readers. I try not to see things like that but think about it. As someone that invested time and money on the relaunch series since #1, that enjoyed the characters then told none of that mattered. Having all of that sweep under the rug to do their own take and totally destroy the team. Not only did it feel like an insult to the fans but I can't help feeling bad for Jurgens who had his work ignored. At least Countdown to Infinite Crisis had the Ted and Booster friendship to make it special. Now Booster's back to no one liking him, being a loser that lies for no reason. Skeets is just an anti-virus, and Rip is erased with Booster. Thanks again Johns, we can't tell something's a big event without needlessly killing or derailing a character.

I couldn't agree more, Erin. Here's hoping Booster Gold and company make out better in 2013.

To read the rest of Erin's list for 2012, including her "Biggest Surprise Read" and "Biggest Disappointment," visit

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