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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

This Day in History: Blast Off

Not so long ago, Erin of Exploring the Time Lab was ruminating on some older comics she wanted to read. Included in her list was Blasters Special #1, which just happens to have been released 29 years ago today.

© DC Comics
Art by James Fry, Robert Campanella, Carl Gafford

The Blasters were a space-faring group of super heroes spinning out of the Invasion! event. (I always think of them as a second-rate Omega Men.) Their biggest claim to fame was the inclusion of cast-off JLA mascot Snapper Carr, who had gained the ability to teleport by snapping his fingers. Snapper's inclusion in the Blasters was short lived (as were the Blasters themselves: their entire career was limited to Invasion, this one shot, and a couple of issues of Valor). Snapper would eventually move on to support the DC One Million-incarnation of Hourman in his own title.

So far as Booster Gold is concerned, his brief cameo in Blasters Special is limited entirely to the two-page spread pictured above. Of special note is the fact that this is the only time to date Booster has appeared on-panel with lesser known DC Comics heroes Brother Power the Geek or Shade the Changing Man. Oddly, Booster Gold wouldn't appear on panel with any of the Blasters until 2007, when he finally crossed paths with Snapper Carr at the wedding of Green Arrow and Black Canary.

There you go, Erin. Now you know what you've been missing.

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

People Are Talking

Booster Gold may not be in comic shops right now, but you'll still find him if you look in the right places. Here's what I've seen around the web in the past few days:

What have you heard about Booster Gold lately?

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Grading on a Curve

Grab your test sheets and a red pen; it's time to grade your answers to last week's really hard Booster Gold quiz.

  1. Daniel Carter was the fifth-best Term-Life Salesman at Evergreen Insurance. Fifth. Out of six. (52 Week 19, 2006)

  2. According to Checkmate, Michelle's middle initial is "A". (Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1, 2005)

  3. Jonar Carter walked out on his family when his twins, Michael and Michelle, were 4 years old. (Booster Gold #6, 1986)

  4. Building a casino on KooeyKooeyKooey was all Blue Beetle's idea. (Justice League America #33, 1989)

  5. The resurrected Max Lord didn't bother to run a smear campaign on Booster Gold because "Booster's life needs no discrediting." (Justice League Generation Lost #2, 2010)

  6. As he told Rip Hunter, even Booster Gold knows not to tug on Superman's cape. (Time Masters #2, 1990)

  7. Future policeman Broderick found it appalling that 20th-century Americans eat meat, burn fossil fuels, waste fresh water on things like cleaning clothes, bicker over world politics, and freely possess firearms. (Booster Gold #18, 1987)

  8. Dirk Davis' daughter was Sarah. (Booster Gold #12, 1986)

  9. Superman thought Supernova was "on the level," as an experienced and well-intentioned hero. (He was right, of course.) (52 Week 10, 2006)

  10. As a reward for defeating the Royal Flush gang, Batman gave Booster Gold a smile (and membership in the Justice League). (Justice League #4, 1987)

How many did you get right? I told you it was hard. If you knew the answer to even half of those questions, give yourself a Goldstar!

(Thanks again to Erin for letting me repost her quiz.)

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Pop Quiz, Hot Shot

In honor of Booster Gold's 30th anniversary, Erin of Exploring the Time Lab has compiled this insanely hard Booster Gold quiz. How many questions can you answer without digging through your long boxes?

  1. What was Daniel Carters' job and how good at it was he?

  2. Booster's twin, Michelle, never got a middle name like her brother, but she did get an initial. What was it?

  3. What age were twins Michael and Michelle Carter when their dad left them?

  4. Whose idea was it to set up a casino on KooeyKooeyKooey?

  5. When Max Lord returned from the dead why didn't he make Booster look bad like the rest of his teammates?

  6. When Rip Hunter was looking for superheroes to help him with his time travel project, Booster told him not to piss someone off. Who was it?

  7. Name three things that future policeman Broderick found strange/wasteful when he followed Booster Carter back in time.

  8. What was Dirk Davis' daughters' name?

  9. What did Superman think of Supernova?

  10. What did Batman do to let Booster know he did well against the Royal Flush gang?

I'll give you the answers when I get back from my vacation in two weeks. Enjoy! (Special thanks to Erin for letting me repost her quiz.)

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Re-reading the Classics

Over on her blog at Exploring the Time Lab, Erin is working her way through reviewing the original Booster Gold comics. She's already up to issue 5.

She's working fast. By the time you read this, she may already be on to volume 2!

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