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Firehawk (Lorraine Reilly)

The following list represents the 10 instances where Firehawk, freelance adventurer and romantic interest for Booster Gold, has encountered Booster Gold in the pages of a DC Comics publication.

For more information on Firehawk, see here.

Entries below are presented in chronological order of release date by default. To resort the list, click on the column titles.

1. Invasion! #2
February 1989
“Battleground Earth”
Hero (as Firehawk I)
Special 1989
Hero (as Firehawk I)
3. Chase #4
May 1998
“Weep for the Future”
Hero (as Firehawk I)
March 2000
“Higher Learning”
Hero (as Firehawk I)
August 2004
“Chapter One: Coffin”
Hero (as Firehawk I)
6. The Flash #215
December 2004
“The Secret of Barry Allen Part Two: Reformed”
Hero (as Firehawk I)
7. 52 #1
May 2006
“Golden Lads & Lasses Must”
Hero (as Firehawk I)
December 2007
“Into the Sun”
Hero (as Firehawk I)
April 2011
“Truth and Consequences”
Hero (as Firehawk I)
May 2019
Hero (as Firehawk I)




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