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Friday, July 17, 2015

This Day in History: Think 4th Dimensionally

On this date 29 years ago, fans finally learned where Booster Gold's Legion Flight Ring came from in Booster Gold, Volume 1, #9.

See, we knew Booster Gold stole a Legion Flight Ring from a museum in the 25th century before he traveled with it to the 20th century. The only problem was that the ring wouldn't be invented until the 30th century. So how did it get back in time for Booster to steal it in the first place? Even 12th-level intellect Brainiac 5 didn't know the answer to that.

© DC Comics

Ironically, it was only after he traveled back in time with Chameleon Boy and Ultra Boy to investigate this paradox that Brainiac 5 realized that Booster's Flight Ring was in fact his own. Brainiac 5 didn't dare change history lest he damage his own timeline, so he chose to leave his 30th-century ring with 20th-century United States President Ronald Reagan so that it would eventually end up in the 25th-century museum.

Hey, if you don't love a good time-travel paradox, maybe Booster Gold isn't the right hero for you.

The Legion of Super-Bloggers reviewed this story (including its first half in Booster Gold #8) from the Legion's point of view earlier this week. Check it out at

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Ultra Boy

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of the Legion of Super-Heroes' most prominent members, Ultra Boy. Ultra Boy and Booster Gold go way back: Ultra Boy was one of the first 3 heroes to "greet" Booster Gold in his debut in 1985.

© DC Comics

While their relationship may have started off on the wrong foot, it improved over time. The two heroes from the future would meet one another time and time again. As you might expect with Ultra Boy, whose powers only work one at a time, only one of the pair can ever seem to remember the other.

© DC Comics

Certainly, it doesn't help that for years, the two seemed to be constantly switching costumes or noms de guerre. Then time was re-written and everything old was new again. As all good time-cops know, anyone who doesn't remember their history is doomed to repeat it.

© DC Comics

Here's to you, Ultra Boy. Even if you can't remember your birthday, we can.

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