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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesdays with Dan Jurgens

Raymond Master's interview with Dan Jurgens was posted last week at the GeekDad blog on The interview was conducted a few weeks ago and as usually the case with Jurgens' interviews, it is not exactly filled with ground-breaking inforamtion. However, it's not without it's value.

[GeekDad:] Aside from his creation, of course, what's your favorite Booster memory from the early days? And more recently?

[Jurgens:] My favorite memory is probably seeing the first issue on the stands. I was fairly new to the business and very, very raw as a writer. It was quite a hurdle to get the project moving and an even bigger thrill to actually see it through to realization.

But that's not all! An interview with Jurgens and Aaron Lopresti by Poet Mase appeared last week in IGN's series on the New 52. This interview is more recent than GeekDad's and is considerably more focused on Justice League International.

IGN: There was quite a bit of discussion about Wonder Woman's pants on the Justice League cover, but largely lost in the shuffle was the disappearing act pulled by the ninth member of the JLI cover. You said previously that it wasn't Wonder Woman or Donna Troy and that you were intentionally keeping things quiet. Now she's gone. What can you tell us about what happened and why?

Jurgens: This is one of those instances where cover art was prepared before we had finalized all the plans for the first issue's story. We continued to make some adjustments in the cast, shifting some story elements around and that mandated the change.

Note that response doesn't quite answer the question of who that brunette was. That Dan Jurgens: what a tease.

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