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Friday, June 16, 2023

3 Little Somethings to Make You Feel Better

Luckily for Booster boosters everywhere, Cort Carpenter hasn't let a rough patch of "health issues" keep him from adding new pages to his collection of Booster Gold sketch commissions.

Booster Gold by Daniel Irizarri for Cort Carpenter
Daniel Irizarri

Booster Gold by Michael Fiffe for Cort Carpenter
Michael Fiffe

Booster Gold by Ramona Fradon for Cort Carpenter
Ramona Fradon

I usually like to put these in alphabetical order, but this time I saved Ramona Fradon for last... because she's Ramona Fradon! A ninety-six-year-old DC legend and still drawing. Wow!

I hope all of your troubles are behind you, Cort. As always, thanks for sharing.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Sketchbook Wars III: A Whole New Page

First there was The Blot. Then came Cort and Steven. And now there's Susan!

Check out this Booster Gold commission sketchbook:

Booster Gold commission by Doc Shaner
Doc Shaner

Booster Gold commission by Alejandro Rosado
Alejandro Rosado

Booster Gold commission by Ramona Fradon
Ramona Fradon

Booster Gold commission by Jay Defoy
Jay Defoy

Booster Gold commission by Elsa Charretier
Elsa Charretier

Those are just a few of what Susan has posted to her account, so I encourage you to click over there for a better look around. (Especially that Ramona Fradon. I'm so happy she's drawn Booster Gold.)

Thank you so much for sharing, Susan. That's some Boosterrific art.

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