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It has been 72 Days since Booster Gold last appeared in a DCnU comic book.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Time Travel and Statute of Limitations

In the latest issue of Booster Gold, Booster is put on trial for something related to his theft from the 25th century Space Museum. (The issue was light on the exact charges.) However, Booster was sentenced to death in a Federal court for his theft back in his first volume of adventures. From a continuity standpoint, this raises several questions: Is Booster being tried at a time prior to his sentencing? Is Booster being tried not for the theft, but for escaping from custody? Or is Booster being tried in another jurisdiction altogether?

It's been 25 years since Booster came to the 20th century with his stolen goods. That's a long time. Is possible for Booster to escape the statute of limitations for a crime he won't commit for another 500 years? Fortunately for us, Law and the Multiverse discusses the question of time travel and the statute of limitations here. It doesn't explain what happened to Booster Gold, but it's interesting nonetheless.

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Law and the Corporate Crusader

Late last week, Law and the Multiverse addressed my question of Booster Gold's liability in the case of misuse of the Brysler Motors' Boostermobile:

Walter writes "I'm curious about the Boostermobile, an automobile in the DC Universe endorsed by Booster Gold. In Booster Gold vol. 1, #11 (1986), Booster becomes concerned that his endorsement of the car (manufactured by Brysler Motors under license of Booster Gold's Goldstar, Inc.) may result in his becoming liable should a supervillain use the car for nefarious purposes [Ed. or if it's simply defective]. Is there any merit to Booster's fear?"

In practice the answer is likely to be 'no,' but if someone is asleep at the switch then the answer could be 'yes.'... For example, what if Booster got involved with some people who wanted to start a new car company?

The site goes on to lay out a sample scenario where Booster could indeed find himself in jeopardy, but I won't spoil the details. You can find the rest here, under the heading "Superhero Product Endorsements," if you're interested.

If you aren't familiar with, I recommend that you pay them a visit. They have considered such legal issues as Bruce Wayne's publicly funding Batman and whether Lois Lane can be legally forced to reveal that her husband is Superman. It's the sort of comic books fun that I think fans of Booster Gold will probably enjoy.

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