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Friday, October 11, 2019

The Greatest Horse You've Never Heard Of

I come across a lot of unusual things in pursuit of all things Booster Gold. Perhaps the most unusual in 2019 is the discovery that there is a thoroughbred racehorse who shares our hero's name.

According to, the gelding Booster Gold raced in the September 27 Maiden Special for two-year-olds at the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races in Charles Town, West Virginia. Maidens are races for horses who have not won before. Booster Gold still qualifies. He finished last in a field of 8.

The rules for naming thoroughbred horses are extensive. According to the The American Stud Book Principal Rules and Requirements, Section V, Subsection 6, Part F.6: "Names clearly having commercial, artistic or creative significance" are not eligible for use. For example, "Superman" and "Batman" are off limits. Apparently, the arbiter of names, the Jockey Club, thinks that "Booster Gold" has no "commercial, artistic or creative significance." Given how well the horse has raced so far, they might be right.

To be fair, it's not clear whether the horse is actually named for the super hero. "Booster" and "Gold" are common enough words that do bump into one another occasionally — as I'll attest after seeing countless promotions for make-up, card games, and shoes — and certainly horse breeders must always be struggling to find new 18-or-less letter phrases that the Jokey Club will approve. There are only so many ways to work "winner" into a unique phrase.

So to the owner of Booster Gold, may I say that if you're looking to spur your horse to greater success, maybe you should consider getting him a partner. I suggest naming your next horse "Blue Beetle". Blue and Gold probably won't win you many races, but I promise you'll get a kick out of their shared misadventures. Blue and Gold forever!

UPDATE 10-18-2019: Booster Gold ran a second race today on the same track, this time with blinkers on, and came in fifth... out of five horses. Official scorekeeper comment: "was never a factor." Maybe that's just what he wants us to think.

UPDATE 11-08-2019: Booster Gold's third race was held in Laurel Park, Maryland in a Maiden Claiming race, which means he is now for sale, and it's easy to see why. This time he came in tenth in a field of ten horses. Note I didn't say "finished." He stopped at the turn. I'm sure he had a good reason, but I don't know what it is.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

The Blot's Sketchbook Renewed

I received an email from our friend The Blot yesterday. He has added another sketch to his Booster Gold sketchbook. In his own words:

I wanted to share with you the newest sketch in my Booster Gold sketchbook by Jock. I got it at MondoCon in Austin last October. Jock was slammed, but snuck in this quick sketch for me right before I left time. Finally getting around to taking a picture of it. Feel free to post it if you'd like.

Jock draws Booster Gold for The Blot Says

Yes, I'd like! As always, you can see this and all the other sketches in The Blot's sketchbook in much larger detail at Thanks, Blot!

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