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Friday, April 13, 2012

Booster Gold International: Israel

Frequent commenter and native-Israeli deusex2 drops by to explain the small changes that Booster Gold would need to make to comfortably join Israel society in today's entry in the "Booster Gold International" files:

Booster Gold, Israeli

OK, first of all it's important to remember that Israel is a multicultural country, there are people, litteraly from all over the world and they all bring their culture with them. Therefore, an Israeli Booster Gold would be no different from the original American Booster. The character, his goals and his past would all be the same for the most part but of course, there would be some differences.

First and foremost, the star on Booster's costume would have to go and instead Israeli Booster would, probably, end up wearing David's Star instead. I say probably, because the original looks too darn well to be changed and Booster isn't really that great at maintaining his suit during his first years of hero career, so this is more like a speculation on my part.

Now here's the hard truth part and this is a must for an Israeli Booster-his sport career. You see, people in Israel aren't all that familiar with American Football, they on the other hand, are soccer junkies, most of Israelis are, really. So Israeli Booster wouldn't fail as American Football player, but rather he would fail as a soccer player. A small, but significant difference.

Next important difference is that, well, stereotypes exist for a reason. And as such, Israeli Booster Gold would be far more successful businessman than the original Booster Gold...He'll still lose it all in the end, but for some time Israeli Booster and Ted Kord will become filthy rich.

And last but not least-commercials! We, Boostermaniacs, all know that commercials are very important part of Booster Gold. Quite frankly, we can't picture Booster Gold NOT doing any commercials and what's more-we actually love those commercials because they bring out the character in Booster Gold. So, anyway, most of commercials actually fit quite well, from soder cola to children toys. However there's one thing that just doesn't makes any sense for Israeli Booster Gold-cornflakes commercial!

Yes, we have those things in Israel, but nobody eats them! It's pretty much a lost cause for Booster. Which is why, Israeli Booster Gold wouldn't bother with it, period. He would partake in hummus commercial, though. Heck! He'd have his own hummus product! Hummus Gold-it's Boosterrific!

I think I could still recognize Booster after those changes, deusex2. (I even think he might look better in a Star of David than in a Jim Lee-designed costume.)

The next post in this series will be from Germany. If you wish to share what Booster Gold would mean to your culture, drop me an email at webmaster at

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