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Friday, March 29, 2024

My Favorite Pages: Hawk and Dove 1

My Favorite Pages

Do you remember that my favorite page in Justice League International #24 was Booster and Beetle behaving badly at a super-hero gathering?

If so, then you can probably already guess which page is my favorite in Hawk and Dove #1.

© DC Comics

These panels are a flashback to events behind the scenes of Invasion! Book Two, which means this party actually takes place before that one. So if Booster seems comparatively immature here, don't worry; he grows up fast.

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Friday, January 6, 2023

Booster Gold Is a Really Great Cereal Mascot

2023 is off to a pretty Boosterrific start. Another day, another lost Booster Gold appearance spotted by Booster booster Brandon.

Hi, I think this might be a new find of yet another Booster themed breakfast cereal from Hawk and Dove #28 from Oct 1991, page 7. Hawk has been hiding on the run, and been apparently been only eating sugary boxes of Booster Gold cereal.

Could this be true? Especially in light of what I posted on Monday, could there be another Booster Gold cereal product placement I didn't know about?

Turns out, yes. And it's a really cool one. Check it out.

© DC Comics
art by Greg Gular, Curt Swan, Ian Akin, John Statema, Matt Hollingsworth

I love, love, love that box, especially the back.

This, Flakies, Sugar Packed Boosteroes, Booster Bits, Booster Puffs, Golden Flakes.... I'm starting to think that Booster came back in time to fight dentists.

Thanks, Brandon.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This Day in History: Booster Gold Strikes Out

As most fans know by now, DC Comics has just canceled Hawk and Dove again. The pair has a terrible track record at maintaining a series, in no small part due to the fact that they have never had a first-tier writer. Their stories tend to be hackneyed and dull, typically accompanied by lackluster art.

DC was no doubt acutely aware of the pair's limitations when they launched the third Hawk and Dove series in 1989. To ensure a good launch, the series included several higher profile guest stars in an extended Invasion! flashback. Naturally, this flashback was designed to make Hawk and Dove -- and not their guest stars -- look good.

© DC Comics
© DC Comics

Always smooth with the ladies, Booster. (At least Firestorm couldn't have done any better, right Shag?) Two years earlier, Booster had saved Hawk's life in the Mexican desert in Booster Gold #17. Booster was quite rude at the time, though Hawk had been unwittingly assisting in a madman's genocidal plot. Perhaps catching a falling Booster is Hawk's way of returning the favor.

Outside the character pieces presented in the flashbacks, the rest of the book is really quite dull. Hawk and Dove pal around with some friends that are not introduced to the reader, then the heroes make a mess of stopping a run-of-the-mill supervillain who is naturally using his advanced, lifelike robots to rob jewelry stores. This issue is costumed comic books at their most droll, a time-capsule of late-1980s mainstream storytelling given a golden lining with the inclusion of Booster Gold.

Perhaps this very lack of a signature adventuring style is the reason that the pair have had so much trouble maintaining their own series over the years. Maybe they need a home in a more forgiving ensemble environment. I hear the JLI is hiring.

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