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Monday, June 10, 2024

The Return and Return of Robo Force

A recent issue of Ross Pearsall's long-running series of Super-Team Family team-up books featured a new adventure of "Robo Force," the team of robots that includes Skeets as a member!

Super-Team Family Presents #4430

Looking through the archives at, I realized I had missed a previous Robo Force cover with Skeets:

Super-Team Family Presents #3210

If Skeets can't save the day, it's a very bad day indeed.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

B is for Boosterrific

Speaking of Blot, he also recently shared with me the latest addition to his collection of Booster Gold commissions:

Matt Kaufenberg has been doing these amazing super hero drawings in the style of the retro ABC Books. You can see a lot of examples on his Instagram [] and online store. He was doing them for fun and selling them, but then opened a few commission spots so you could pick your own super hero. So you know I had to get a Booster! Hope your readers enjoy.

Booster Gold by Matt Kaufenberg for The Blot

I do enjoy! I think it's remarkable how Booster's original 1980s costume design by Dan Jurgens works so well in such a wide variety of art styles.

Thanks, Blot.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Strange Tales

The Booster Gold/Blue Beetle team-up story you can't buy this week resides exclusively at Ross Pearsall's Super-Team Family Presents... blog at

Super Team Family Presents #4336

Blue and Gold seem a little out of their depth here, but when has that ever stopped them before? Keep up the good work, Ross.

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Friday, March 1, 2024

Cort's Magnficient Seven

Cort Carpenter has dedicated himself to compiling the World's Best Booster Gold Sketchbook. And it just keeps getting better!

Take a gander at these seven newest additions:

Booster Gold by Heather Antos for Cort Carpenter
Heather Antos

Booster Gold by Russ Braun for Cort Carpenter
Russ Braun

Booster Gold by Kerry Callen for Cort Carpenter
Kerry Callen

Booster Gold by Mike Choi for Cort Carpenter
Mike Choi

Booster Gold by  Travis Mercer for Cort Carpenter
Travis Mercer

Booster Gold by Rachel Ordway for Cort Carpenter
Rachel Ordway

Booster Gold by Joshua (Sway) Swaby for Cort Carpenter
Joshua "Sway" Swaby

By my count, that's 106 different commissions Cort has now shared with us over the years. I'm sure I speak for Booster boosters everywhere when I say we sure like looking at them.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Christmas Present from Cort

Cort Carpenter sent me an email full of his best holiday wishes, and even better, he attached his latest addition to his Booster Gold Sketchbook:

Booster Gold by John McCrea for Cort Carpenter

Even if it wasn't signed, that piece is pretty obviously by John McCrea, co-creator of DC's Hitman.

Cort usually requests his commissions include Booster Gold's fabulous high collar, but this time McCrea even included the original hollow star and the bulbs on the end of Skeets' fins. Boosterrific!

Thanks, Cort!

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