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Monday, January 15, 2024


When Booster booster Joe Carlo gets an email from DC that he thinks I'll like, he sends it along. Which is how I found out that the new official Logo Shop at is now offering these:

© DC Comics

I think it's a little weird that the "Booster Gold" logo is only available on black/gray backgrounds, but maybe one day they'll be available on a more appropriate blue/navy.

Besides Booster, there are some other gems in the shop, including a few Big Belly Burger designs and plenty of vintage Justice League stuff. (Side note: I might be inclined to buy a red Plastic Man shirt if the yellow bands wrapped all the way around the shirt, so that, you know, it looked like the shirt was actually Plastic Man disguised as my shirt. Alas, the shirt in the logo shop is pretty much just his logo, which I have to admit is probably a more appropriate design for a "logo" shop.)

Thanks to Joe for making sure we saw this.

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Thursday, October 12, 2023

In Memory of Keith Giffen

I was sad to hear late yesterday that Keith Giffen has died.

In addition to many other significant accomplishment, Giffen, as all Booster boosters should know, is second only to Dan Jurgens in total number of Booster Gold adventures written. He's a big reason many of us love the character, and it's sad to think that he won't be creating any more.

Thanks for all the good times, Keith.

UPDATE 2023-11-28: DC has published a two-page tribute to Giffen in all books released today. Booster Gold appears in Kevin Maguire's art. You can see the image on the Boosterrific Comic Book House Ads page, and the whole tribute is online at

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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Telling Myself It's Just Some Sparkly Paper

San Diego Comic Con officially starts tomorrow, so now is the time for me to remind everyone that I really, really want one of these:

The BOOSTER GOLD SLIVER SCREEN CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE variant, available at SDCC this year. Nifty first issue facsimile edition. 1985 served up with a 2023 twist! -- Dan Jurgens via, June 28, 2023

Well, not one of those 10, exactly. Those are Dan Jurgens', and he deserves them. Heck, if you ask me, he deserves all of them. All 1000.

That's right, according to, that convention exclusive "Silver Screen Edition" of 1985's debut Booster Gold #1 is limited to 1,000 copies sold for $15.00 each. Those numbers seem awfully low to me, especially considering that subtracting Jurgens' 10, there can't be more than 990 available to rabid Booster Gold fans (like me!).

Since it's very, very unlikely — some might say "impossible" — that I'll find my way to San Diego with a convention admission badge, I'll stay here by my computer with an eye on eBay until one of these shows up.

Maybe, if I get lucky, Dan will decide to sell off one of his.

UPDATE 2023-07-20: Yep, as of 4PM EDT Thursday, there are 2 of them already up on eBay, each with an asking price over $100 (including shipping). That sure seems like a lot of money for a comic I already own several of in other formats. On the other hand, can you even buy a stick of gum for $100 anymore? Maybe I'll ask Santa for one for Christmas....

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Friday, June 30, 2023

Psst, Hey, Kid, Wanna Do Me a Favor?

No sooner was my local network restored than I got an email from Joe Carlo, who pointed me towards some big Booster Gold news coming to San Diego Comic Con this July.

To quote from the official press release at

DC announced today their highly anticipated return to Comic-Con International: San Diego (SDCC) with a new DC Booth on the convention show floor from Wednesday, July 19, through Sunday, July 23. ...

On sale in DC's all-new booth will be a wide variety of comic books, graphic novels, and new merchandise from DC and DC Shop. While supplies last, DC will be selling limited printings of Superman "Big Blue" Edition, Silver Screen Editions of Batman #655, Booster Gold #1, Authority #1 and Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow #1....

The press release includes images of the "Silver Screen Convention Exclusive Variant Cover" editions of Authority, Batman, and Supergirl, which have monochromatic black and white cover-images repeated on the front and back of the issue. So we can expect that's what the (not pictured) Booster Gold will look like, whether they're referring to Volume 1 or Volume 2.

So, is anyone going to San Diego who can get their hands on one of those for me?

Thanks for the alert, Joe.

UPDATE: As Marty has pointed out in the comments, Dan Jurgens has tweeted what the book will look like.

The BOOSTER GOLD SLIVER SCREEN CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE variant, available at SDCC this year. Nifty first issue facsimile edition. 1985 served up with a 2023 twist! -- Dan Jurgens via, June 28, 2023

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