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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Booster by the Bottle

Last week's Teen Titans #6 introduced us to Booster Gold Coffee, sold via vending machine. Name brand coffee is only the most recent beverage venture for Booster. In addition to Sundoller Coffee, previous drinks endorsed by Booster include DC's best-selling Soder-Cola, Enlongated Man's preferred Gingold Soda, and Lit Beer. Outside of comic books, Booster has been known to shill beverages such as Booster's Super Soda seen in Batman: the Brave and the Bold video game.

© Warner Brothers

For those longing to taste Booster's wares, Darkseid's Draperies has posted the following suggestion:

My friends and I just invented a drink we are calling a Booster Gold. It's amazing and tastes like a creamsicle. It's about half a can of sprite, a splash of pinnacle cake vodka, and a splash of orange juice.

As a teetotaler, I have absolutely no way to judge whether that would taste good or not. But I have to say that I think a drink named after Booster Gold is an idea too good to miss.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Old Releases: Booster Gold on DVD

No new comic books featuring Booster Gold are scheduled for released today, but if you have to spend some money to get your fix of Booster Gold, consider picking up the Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Season 2 Part 1 DVD. Frequent site contributor Morgenstern notes that the listing for the animated DVD lists only 2 actors: Batman and Booster Gold! Who knew that Booster Gold did his own voice-over work?

It's just like Booster to hog the limelight when he isn't even the featured star. Batman actually works with 35 heroic guests stars on the 12 episodes on the DVD, and only two of them are Booster Gold and Skeets. The pair appear as contestants on the Riddler's game show, "Riddle Me This?" in the introduction to the episode "A Bat Divided!"

Skeets probably doesn't receive billing because he doesn't have a speaking part: as you can see in the trailer above, the shiny sidekick is gagged in his appearance. Worse, the game show was rigged, so Skeets didn't even win a lifetime supply of Rice-A-Roni! Better luck next season, Skeets!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Booster Gold on TV!

I trust that if you were a loyal Booster Gold fan, you saw him on TV with your other favorite superheroes on Friday night. It was pretty awesome seeing some hero-versus-hero action with Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle. And the fact that they were both vampires? Fantastic.

Booster Gold on Batman: the Brave and the Bold

Of course I'm talking about Batman: the Brave and the Bold episode "Shadow of the Bat!" The episode was written by J.M. DeMatteis, who better to have scribe the adventures of the entire JLI, including Fire and Ice. And unlike some other shows on Friday night, this Blue Beetle didn't look like an oversized Go-Bot.

Speaking of that other show, Tv By The Numbers ( reports that an estimated 2,230,000 people watched Booster Gold on Smallville this past week. I have to wonder how many million people in the world even knew who Booster was before that episode. Consider in comparison that even the top-selling comic books so rarely sell more than 100,000 copies of their best issue anymore! (And far, far fewer ever visit!)

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Mayfairstivus Day 3 Brings Batman!

Booster Gold's role in the DC Universe is unique, but not because of his powers or abilities. After all, other heroes are invulnerable and have energy rays. Booster's contribution to the tapestry of the DCU is his unusual personality: part well-intentioned hero, part greedy cad. It is these characteristics more than anything else, that mark his value in a role-playing environment. And the game developers at Mayfair Games recognized this.

All That Glitters cover by Dan Jurgens, Ty Templeton, Bob LeRose. © DC Comics 1987

Well before Booster Gold was included as a character card in the second edition of the game, developers recognized the potential of this newcomer to the DC scene. Booster was made the star of his own game module in 1987, scant months after his comic book debut. The module, titled All That Glitters after the common misquoting of Shakespeare, featured Booster Gold struggling "with the dilemma of battling villains at the cost of losing valuable merchandising contracts." The module designer, Greg Gorden -- also one of the chief architects of the Mayfair Exponential Gaming System, went so far as to create rules, board, and pieces for the fictional Mayfly Games' Booster Gold Board Game featured in the game module. It's a clever bit of verisimilitude that further draws RPG gamers into the DC Universe. (The Booster Gold Board Game has been adapted into a single-player Flash-based game here at You can find it here.)

When a Stranger Calls cover by Kevin Maguire, Karl Kesel, Bob LeRose. © DC Comics 1987

The 1987 game module When a Stranger Calls by Ray Winninger also features Booster prominently. The module's scripted subplot is a crossover with All That Glitters and hinges on Booster's decision whether or not to temporarily abandon the Justice League International to continue on the promotional junket for the Booster Gold Board Game as detailed in All That Glitters. Whether the always-capricious Booster stays or goes is up to the player. Neither choice is out of character, and therein lies the role-playing enjoyment that Booster Gold represents.

BONUS BOOSTER GOLD!: Booster Gold is scheduled to make an appearance on tonight's episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold, "Darkseid Descending!", on Cartoon Network at 7:00 PM EST. The episode features Booster and the rest of the Justice League International.

Darkseid Descending!

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Batman: the Blue and the Gold

Ah, Cartoon Network, you mess with my head again. Friday night's episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold was advance teased as an episode featuring the Birds of Prey. But what actually aired was "The Menace of the Madniks," a Booster Gold episode in which Booster and Batman argue over which hero is really Ted Kord's best friend. This Boosterrific episode was scheduled to air next week, giving me some time to warn Booster Gold fans about it. Curse you, Cartoon Network, and your unreliable scheduling!

The Menace of the Madniks on Cartoon Network

"The Menace of the Madniks" is a bit of a continuity nightmare, really. The episode re-writes Ted's death as a heroic self-sacrifice to stop a missile, merges aspects of Blue Beetle I and II, and renames Steve Ditko's chaotic Madmen the "Madniks," probably to avoid any confusion with the more familiar Madman comic character by Mike Allred. The biggest flaw in the episode is that it whitewashes the legacy of the Blue Beetle by portraying Ted Kord as a saint, ignoring the hijinks that made the character so popular in the 80s & 90s.

Despite these changes, it's a very fun episode. (Are there any Brave and the Bold episodes that aren't?) I highly recommend it.

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