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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fighting Mad

Booster Gold animated gif

Pretty cool, huh? This sprite may make fans of older 2D fighting games a bit nostalgic. Some of you may remember DC's Sega Genesis/Super Nintendo fighting game, Justice League Task Force, pitting the likes of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman against one another and the forces of Darkseid. That game was released in 1995 and did not include Booster Gold. (At the time, Booster was a member of Extreme Justice.) Of course, if Booster had been in the game, it would have been too short. No one can stand up against Booster Gold.

Therefore, this is a custom sprite that must have been created since 2006, the year Booster took off his collar. (Just a guess, but it may have been created for use in M.U.G.E.N., a customizable fighting engine.) Whether you like 2D fighting games or just looking at DC heroes in action, you can find other custom-made DC sprites in afrikabambaataassf's public Photobucket profile here.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blue and Gold Animated?

Since Warner Brothers has now all but closed their animated movies division, we're going to have to look elsewhere for a Booster Gold animated film. That somewhere may be from Ken Landefield, who has recently promised the development of a Booster Gold and Blue Beetle fan-animated film. Landefield hopes that a spec script will help him break into the entertainment industry. While I can attest to the fact that building your product around Booster Gold isn't a cash cow, I'm not going to discourage Mr. Landefield because I certainly would like to see some animated "BWAH-HA-Ha"-ing. You can follow Landefield's progress on his blog here.

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