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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hanging Out with Some Old Friends

Yesterday, Ryan in the Boosterrific comments reminded me that I haven't posted any Booster Gold cosplay pics from DragonCon 2013 yet. Let's rectify that today.

JLI cosplay at DragonCon 2013 by dr_archeville and _nerdyblackkid

Booster Golds of all shapes and sizes were at this year's event in costumes running in quality varying from professional to amateur. The costume on the left comes from dr_archeville (more on The costume on the right comes by way of _nerdyblackkid (more on Instagram).

JLI cosplay at DragonCon 2013 by PatLoika

This pic is just one of many in Pat Loika's "Dragon*Con 2013: JLA vs Avengers Shoot" on The staged photo-op featured JLA cosplayers battling Avengers cosplayers at the command of George Pérez. (Booster Gold faced off against Black Knight!) Only at DragonCon....

You can see many, many more pics of the event at the links above. If you want to see video of the JLA fighting the Avengers, check out youtube here or here. (Thanks to Brian Wilder for the links.)

[UPDATE 2013-09-10: Credit where credit is due: that's Pyynk as Booster Gold in the big group shot. You can get a better view of his costume in my coverage of DragonCon 2012 here.]

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