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Monday, October 11, 2021

New Release: Blue and Gold 3

I don't normally run "New Release" postings until a book is available for purchase, but I'm making an exception for tomorrow's Blue and Gold #3 because it has taken so long to get to this point.

You may recall that the issue was originally solicited for a September 27 release, but there have been... unforeseen complications. After Blue and Gold #2 failed to make its planned ship date in August, DC announced that COVID-19 inspired supply chain delays (mostly in paper stock) have resulted in a nearly line-wide cascading production disruption. For example, Blue and Gold #4, originally planned for October 19, will be postponed until at least November 9. Yikes.

So the fact that we're getting a Blue and Gold #3 at all is an event worth celebrating. But there's one other curveball, as revealed in the preview pages now available at

© DC Comics

The originally solicited artist, Ryan Sook, still has cover duties, but as the credits above indicate, interior art for the issue are provided by Cully Hamner instead. Hamner has done a lot of work for DC over the past three decades, but this will be his first Booster Gold comic. I am looking forward to seeing it. I hope you are too.

So don't forget to drop by your LCS this week to pick up Blue and Gold #3 and make Skeets happy.

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