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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's Not My Fault

For the past 5 weeks (since November 5th!), no one has left a comment on a post here at I had decided not to panic. There hasn't been a Booster Gold comic in months, so why should anyone have anything to say around here? Turns out it wasn't you, it was me.

Longtime Booster booster Eyz sent me an email early this morning with a particular complaint:

For a while (a month? perhaps a bit longer..) I haven't been able to comment on Boosterrific. Every time I write a comment and I press the submit button, instead of being prompted to a confirmation code ("write below the characters you see above..") a second submit button pops up. And if I press it, it reloads the page losing my comment in the process...

I looked into it, and he was absolutely right. Google had migrated their reCAPTHCA processing scripts, and I was still using the old Carnegie Mellon University links (outdated since 2010). This error was eating comments. Shame on me.

I've fixed the error and you should all be able to comment again (though you may need to force a browser refresh to clear the old scripts). It was never my intention to deactivate commenting, and I apologize if I discouraged anyone from dropping a line. In the future, should you ever find anything on this site you consider to be a bug, please let me know on the Forum or via email (webmaster at If you think it would help for me to build a contact form page, I could do that too.

My eternal thanks, Eyz, for pointing out the malfunction.

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