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Monday, December 6, 2010

A Mayfairstivus for the Rest of Us! Day 6

Boosterrific resumes the Mayfairstivus celebration with the most important supporting character in the life of Booster Gold: his robot sidekick Skeets!

Skeets by DC Staff © DC Comics 1987

Skeets is included as one of three ready-made Player Character in the All That Glitters game module. Skeets is fast, smart, and tough, everything a good sidekick needs to keep up with a hero like Booster Gold! And Skeets comes with a built-in support network with the 25th century Space Museum. (You really never know when that sort of thing might come in handy.)

The other ready-made characters for the module are Jack Soo, Vice-President of Research and Development at Booster Gold International, and Trixie Collins, BGI receptionist. Who wants to role play as the receptionist, you ask? Don't worry, the game developers thought of that: "NOTE: For the purposes of this Booster Gold adventure (and only this adventure), Trixie has once again adopted the Goldstar role" [pg.6]. Problem solved.

Like Jack and Trixie, Skeets would be left behind once Booster moved from the BGI mansion into the JLI embassy. At least Skeets would be revived a few years later, and has since resumed his role as Booster Gold's number one fan.

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