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Justice League 3001

“Night of the Turtle”

Volume 1, Issue 3, October 2015
Released August 26, 2015

Cover Price: $2.99
Estimated Issue Sales: 18,931 Rating
  • Currently 3.0/5 Stars.

Justice League 3001, Vol. 1, #3. Image © DC Comics



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Cover Description: Lois Lane looks down on the Justice League. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle watch from the rooftop of a multi-story building.

This issue was originally solicited with a different cover by Howard Porter.

Brief Synopsis: While the Justice League is busy with their own problems, the reformed Super Buddies battle a giant turtle-man.

Booster Gold's role in this story:
Supporting (Booster Gold plays a lesser role)

Costume Worn: MARK I.v2 power-suit

Issue Notes: This issue was published with two covers, neither of which was the solicited cover that prominently featured Booster Gold.

This story has been reprinted in:
Justice League 3001 Volume 1: Deja Vu All Over Again (2016)

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Page 8, panel 1
Booster Gold spots the reincarnation of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent jumping across the sky. This is the first time that Booster has actually been seen on-panel with members of the titular Justice League since he arrived in the future in Justice League 3000 #11.

Page 8, panel 3
Since we last saw our hero in Justice League 3000 #14, he and Blue Beetle have reformed the Super Buddies with Fire and Ice. Their latest opponent is the easily defeated "giant turtle-man."

Page 10, panel 2
Apparently, the Super Buddies have been assigned the task of cleaning up Takron-Galtos, the prison planet formerly known as Earth. Supervising in this task are the Justice League's Green Lantern and Flash.

Image Copyright DC Comics

Page 11, panel 1
Given that the current antagonist in this series is Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane, and last issue saw the reintroduction of Superman's cousin, Supergirl, it should come as no surprise that the giant turtle-man defeated by the Super Buddies bears a striking resemblance to Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olson.

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Boosterrific Review: I want to like this more than I do. There's plenty of humor, but after more than a year of publication, these stories don't seem to be going anywhere. Most of the action seems to be happening off panel, and characters change too frequently to get a good grip on who I should be rooting for. If Giffen and DeMatteis are planning on rescuing every character abandoned by Flashpoint, they're going to need a bigger book.

Boosterrific Rating:

  • Currently 3.0/5 Stars.
Gold Standard.

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