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"Why should I let myself be used for the profits of others?"
—Booster Gold, Booster Gold #16, 1987

The chronological adventures of Booster Gold have been depicted exclusively in comic book form, however the character has escaped the 4-color pages of comic books to appear in a variety of other media. Surely this would make Booster quite proud.


Justice League International Postcards (1988)

Image Copyright DC ComicsIncluded in the merchandising blitz for the Justice League International in the late 1980s was the Justice League International Postcards set. The set includes 15 postcards featuring various members of the Justice League International with art by Kevin Maguire, Joe Rubenstein, and Steve Oliff. The text on the back of Booster Gold's card reads "Born in the 25th century, Michael Jon Carter longed for a life of adventure in our own time. Using a stolen time machine and the advanced technology of his day, he traveled back to '80s Metropolis where, through self-promotion and shrewd investments, he became the celebrity super-hero Booster Gold!" (Image and text credit to Corey Bond,

The Death and Life of Superman (1993)

Image Copyright DC ComicsThis book, published by Bantam Books, is a rather faithful prose novelization of the "Death of Superman," "Funeral for a Friend," and "Reign of the Supermen" storylines featured in the Superman titles of the DC Universe in 1992-93. Booster Gold appears as a member of the Justice League during the League's confrontation with Doomsday (who here, as in the comic series, is named by Booster Gold). Roger Stern is credited with the novelization, but appropriate credit is given to the other writers, artists, and editors of the appropriate comic book issues from which this material was translated. ISBN 0-553-09582-X

DC Comics Encyclopedia (2004, 2008, 2016)

Image Copyright DC ComicsThe DC Comics Encyclopedia was first published in 2004 by DK Publishing as a "definitive" collection of the characters populating the DC Universe. Booster Gold receives his own entry in the Encyclopedia (on page 52), providing a very brief overview of the character, his powers, and his history. An "Updated and Expanded" version of the encyclopedia was published in 2008, updating the biography (on page 58) to remove references to the Super Buddies and include the events of Infinite Crisis and 52. Both entries are credited to writer Robert Greenberger. Booster Gold also appears in entries for Extreme Justice and the Justice League International that are practically identical in both volumes. Skeets receives his own entry in volume 2 (page 311).
An "All-New Edition" was released in 2016 to include both "New 52" and "Rebirth" storylines.
Volume 1 ISBN 0-4566-0592-X
Volume 2 ISBN 978-0-7566-4119-1
Volume 3 ISBN 978-1465453570

Blue Beetle Companion (2007)

Image Copyright DC ComicsThe Blue Beetle Companion is an exhaustive history of the Blue Beetle, from the character's origins at Fox Comics, through his rebirth at Charlton Comics, to his acquisition by DC Comics. However, it is impossible for author Christopher Irving to discuss the Blue Beetle without touching upon the character's unique relationship with Booster Gold. ISBN 1-893905705

52: The Novel (2007)

Image Copyright DC ComicsPublished by Ace, this book is a much-condensed novelization of the events of the comic book series 52. Booster Gold appears on the cover of this paperback book. The book is credited to author Greg Cox, but builds largely upon the work of the several writers who crafted 52's weekly storyline from 2006 to 2007. ISBN 0441015077

52 (2007)

Image Copyright DC ComicsThe comic book events of the maxi-series 52 have been adapted by Greg Cox into an English-language cd-format audiobook released by GraphicAudio. The series is divided into two separate audiobooks, each approximately 6 hours long. David Coyne reads the part of Booster Gold (and Daniel Carter!); Ken Jackson is Skeets.
Part I, ISBN #1599503689, $19.99;
Part II, ISBN #1599503697, $19.99

DC Comics Super Heroes and Villains: Fandex Deluxe (2010)

Image Copyright DC ComicsThe DC Comics Superheroes and Villains Fandex Deluxe by Workman Publishing Company is an encyclopedia of DC Comics characters. However, instead of biographical entries printed on standard pages, the Fandex uses cards cut into the shapes of the characters represented. Booster Gold has his own card in the Fandex written by Randall Lotowycz. Bosoter's card uses a drawing of the character by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund originally appearing on the cover of Booster Gold, Volume 2, issue #18.
ISBN 978-0761158561, $12.95

Infinite Crisis: The Novel (2010)

Image Copyright DC ComicsContinuing a trend in turning their best-selling comic books into prose novels, DC Comics authorized the novelization of the Infinite Crisis storyline in 2010. The book was credited primarily to Greg Cox for reworking the comic books story by Grant Morrison. The book was published by Ace. ISBN 0441018955

Final Crisis: The Novel (2010)

Image Copyright DC ComicsBooster Gold and Skeets are briefly mentioned in Final Crisis a prose novelization by Greg Cox based on the mini-series by Grant Morrison. Booster played a very minor role in the comic series, and it is a bit of a surprise that he should be mentioned in the novel during Martian Manhunter's funeral. The novel was published by Ace in July 2010. ISBN 0441018572

DC Comics Year by Year (2010)

Image Copyright DC ComicsDC Comics Year by Year: A Visual Chronicle is a guided tour through the 75-year publishing history of DC Comics. Organized by year, each section includes a brief review of the highlights of that year. This 352-page tome correctly mentions that in addition to seeing the publication of The Dark Knight and Watchmen, 1986 was the year of the debut of Booster Gold. The book is published by DK. ISBN 0756667429 $50.00

DC Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop Up Book (2010)

Image Copyright DC ComicsBelieve it or not, Booster Gold is included in the DC Super Heroes: The Ultimate Pop Up Book published in October 2010 by Little, Brown and Company as part of the celebration of DC Comics' 75th anniversary. Booster Gold and Skeets are included in the Justice League pop-out designed by "pop-up engineer" Matthew Reinhart. ISBN 0316019984

DC Comics: The Ultimate Character Guide (2011)

Image Copyright DC ComicsBooster Gold is among the heroes and villains given an entry in the DC Comics: The Ultimate Character Guide, the latest encyclopedic listing of the DC Universe characters by publisher DK. This book is similar to the previously published The DC Comics Encyclopedia, but is simplified in content and presentation. The book is credited to Brandon T. Snider with art from a wide range of DC artists. (Images of Booster Gold were drawn by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund.) ISBN 978-0-7566-4119-1, $16.99

Sports Illustrated (Oct. 24, 2011)

Image Copyright DC ComicsBooster Gold appears in the Sports Illustrated magazine cover dated October 24, 2011. Booster is listed as one of four comic book athletes-turned-super heroes in illustration of the unmasking of Ben Fodor, a real-world mixed martial artist who had been acting as a self-styled super hero in Seattle. The image of Booster Gold used by the magazine was created by Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund for the cover of Booster Gold, Volume 2, #18. (Noted by Shawn Baston.)

The Superhero Book (2012)

Image Copyright DC ComicsBooster booster Kevin Munson spotted Booster Gold in this reference book's entries for Blue Beetle and the Justice League. The book, compiled by Gina Misiroglu, and published by Visible Ink Press, has been released in multiple editions. ISBN 978-1-5785-9375-0

The Man of Gold (2012)

Image Copyright DC ComicsBooster Gold is the centerpiece of The Man of Gold, an Accelerated Reader book aimed at young readers in grades 2-3. In this book, Booster Gold and Skeets are newly arrived in Metropolis, and their poor decisions become a learning lesson for the new hero. This book is one in a series of licensed DC Heroes titles published by Stone Arch Books that borrows heavily from, but is not tied to, the Justice League Unlimited universe continuity. The book was written by Paul Weissburg and illustrated by Tim Levins and was first released in July 2012. (Noted by EyzMaster.)
softcover: ISBN 978-1-4342-4222-8, $5.95
hardcover: ISBN 978-1-4342-4095-8, $18.99

Stone Arch Books Justice League series (2017)

Image Copyright DC ComicsIn 2017, Capstone Publishers imprint Stone Arch Books released a series of illustrated children's books starring the Justice League Unlimited. These books include illustrations by artist Tim Levins, and each features a "roll call" of Justice League members. Among the roster in each book is our hero, Booster Gold.

Amazo and the Planetary Reboot
Author: Brandon T. Snider
softcover ISBN 978-1-4965-5164-1, $5.95

Darkseid and the Fires of Apokolips
Author: Derek Fridolfs
softcover ISBN 978-1-4965-5165-8, $5.95

Injustice Gang and the Deadly Nightshade
Author: Derek Fridolfs
softcover ISBN 978-1-4965-5166-5, $5.95

Starro and the Cyberspore
Author: Brandon T. Snider
softcover ISBN 978-1-4965-5167-2, $5.95

Bizarro Fixes Everything (2017)

Image Copyright DC ComicsBooster Gold makes a cameo appearance in Bizarro Fixes Everything, a 20-page hardcover from Hallmark itty bittys storybooks line for children. The book is accompanied by a 4-inch Bizarro doll. Written by Alex Boney with Art by Steve Willaredt.
ISBN 9781630598747, $19.95

Justice League: 100 Greatest Moments (2018)

Image Copyright DC ComicsJustice League: 100 Greatest Moments: Highlights from the History of the World's Greatest Superheroes is a retrospective of the history of Justice League, including Booster Gold's time in the Justice League International. The book was written by Robert Greenberger and published by Chartwell Books. (Noted by Kevin Munson.) ISBN 978-0-7858-3614-8, $24.99

Secret Hero Society: Field Trip Disaster (2019)

Image Copyright DC ComicsField Trip Disaster is the fifth in the "Secret Hero Society" series of young adult graphic novels published by Scholastic Books aimed at readers in grades 2-5. The book was written by Derek Fridolfs and illustrated by Dave Bardin.
Hardcover ISBN 978-1338273298, $12.99



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