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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Lost in Time and Lost in Space

For years now — over a decade, in fact — the priority for Wednesday Boosterrific Blog posts has been whatever new comic was released that day that included a Booster Gold appearance. But 2020 is changing everything. Booster Gold isn't appearing in any new DC comic today because there are no new DC comics being released today.

As all comics buyers must know by now, DC Comics is no longer being distributed by Diamond Comics Distributors as of today, July 1. While Diamond mandated the release of comics on Wednesdays (for logistical purposes), DC is rolling back to Tuesdays (as it used to be before Diamond gained dominance in the 90s). I can't say that I really care about this one way or another other than the fact that I'm suddenly unsure when I should post "new release" alerts.

Some of you may recall that for the first 6 years of this blog, I posted 5 days a week. If that were still the case, I'd just move "new releases" from Wednesdays to Tuesdays. But I stopped posting 5-days-a-week because, frankly, there's just not that much new to say about a character DC has rarely chosen to spotlight positively in the New 52 era. I've been very happy posting three days a week and would like to continue that pace, if I can make a schedule work that doesn't alienate readers.

Should I maintain the Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule and post about new comics on Monday instead of Wednesday? Or should I change the three days I post to include a Tuesday (probably a Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday posting schedule) so that I can keep you informed of day and date releases? Or, should I just keep posting new releases on Wednesday, since that's when Diamond will keep releasing books and you might as well make one trip for everything?

This week's poll question: What day of the week do you want me to tell you that DCEASED: Dead Planet #1 and Harley Quinn #74 have been released?

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Friday, June 5, 2020

Gonna Give You Up

In case you missed it this week (and I don't blame you if you did), has gone to that great comic book news website in the sky.

See ya, Newsarama

As you can see from that screenshot, it looks like the remains of Newsarama have become yet another casualty of the Dark Side of the Internet's never-ending hunger for listicles.

Newsarama editor Chris Arrant tweeted that Newsarama's staff survives intact behind the scenes, but as that screenshot shows, "Newsarama" content is only a single landing page for the few comics-adjacent articles on a website dedicated to video games.

Like the once great ComicBookResources before it, all of Newsarama's archives have also been wiped from servers as though they never existed. That means if you come across any links on this site, such as I tended to provide for DC's monthly solicitations, they now link to the front page of a video game website. Sorry about that. Think of it as rickrolling, 2020-style.

(You young 'uns do know what rickrolling was, right? It was a meme your parents enjoyed. I'd link you to a website explaining it, but most of them have shut down by now.)

So continues the cycle of the commercial niche-interest press. Comic book journalism, such as it is, will survive, I'm sure. What form will it take? Only time-traveling super heroes from the future know for sure, though if I had to guess, I'd say it'll probably look like this.

UPDATE 2020-6-6: And now The Hollywood Reporter breaks the news that DC and Diamond have parted ways. That's a big comic book industry story that may affect where and how you can buy future Booster Gold comics. What's next, 2020?

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Friday, April 10, 2020

I Could Talk About Me

I walked outside late last night and heard... nothing. Usually, I can hear the hustle and bustle of traffic as trucks come and go from the nearby industrial warehouses throughout the wee hours of the morning. But now, with everything shut down due to shelter-in-place orders, not so much.

What's that got to do with Booster Gold? Not a thing.

The point is that nothing much new is happening these days, so there's not a lot of "news" to write about, especially in regards to the serialized adventures of a comic book hero. That leaves a content void here at the Boosterrific Blog that needs to be filled with something.

Sure, I could post another link to some of the many, many, many clickbait lists that include Booster Gold, but who wants more of that in their life?

I could post more about me, your obsessive neighborhood Booster Gold blogger, but I know no one wants more of that in their life. (No, really. I've been running a personal blog at for 18 years, and it's read by a whopping 12 people a week. I get it. My life is boring.)

So I thought I'd try something new. I thought I'd ask you, the Booster Gold fan reading this text right now, why you've chosen to spend your valuable time visiting What makes you a super Booster Gold fan, the kind who goes above and beyond and visits websites about your favorite hero? How did you find Booster Gold in the first place? What attracts you to the character? What brings you here?

Send me an email, either through the Contact Portal, or directly to walter(at), and tell me about your fandom. I'll share them with other fans in future posts. (If you'd like to take the opportunity to promote your own projects, go ahead. Booster Gold sure would.)

Let's take this opportunity to see how Booster Gold fans are alike across our super-specific community. Maybe we'll learn a thing or three.

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Monday, August 5, 2019

Keeping Track of Keeping Track

If you look at the top of this page, you might see something like this:

It has been 69 Days since Booster Gold last appeared in a DCnU comic book.

I thought that would be self-explanatory, but as Ithildyn recently noted in a recent post on Batman, Last Knight on Earth, it does open the question of what appearances count, especially in the wake of Flashpoint now that DC is expressly disinterested in even attempting to maintain a strict continuity of events between series. Therefore, let me explain my methodology.

First of all, the DCnU, or DC New Universe continuity, is what I call the "real" sequence of events of the DC Universe in the New 52 era. It's the history shared by all characters of the familiar universe, from Adam Strange to Zatanna. In comics, the "shared universe" concept is what allows the heroes established in various titles to cross over and team-up and form a Justice League. Establishing the shared timeline of the DCnU has been complicated by Convergence, Rebirth, and Doomsday Clock, but without it, there can be no "event" stories to begin with.

Obviously, not every story published by DC Comics takes place in DCnU continuity — nor would we want them all to. In years past, there have been many "imaginary" stories, sometimes called Elseworlds and sometimes Hypertime. Although they may involve "a" Booster Gold, that character isn't "the" Booster Gold. The events of those stories have no effect on the development of our hero, so those tales of alternate realities don't count against the appearance counter.

Another thing I don't count are appearances of Booster Gold within the DCnU that aren't clearly Michael Jon Carter himself. For example, even if Batman: Last Knight on Earth involved the mainstream DC timeline, the Booster Gold we get a brief glimpse of may only be a figment of Batman's guilty imagination. If that's the case, it doesn't really count as a Booster Gold appearance, does it? I put these sort of stories in my "out-of-continuity" category and the appearance counter remains unaffected.

Accurately tracking DCnU history may be an impossible task when it changes every few months, but it's still the core of what is all about. The appearance counter is a quick and easy way for Booster Gold fans to recognize gaps in Booster Gold's ongoing character development.

I hope that answers your question, Ithildyn. In short, it counts the stories I say it counts and ignores the ones I say it ignores.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

With Special Guest Star

Danny Nielsen contacted me to say that he has been adding more Booster Gold comics to his collection but doesn't "feel the need to own everything that he ever appeared in (cameo's ect...) Is there a way to filter on 'Featured' appearances on the site?"

The answer, Danny, was no. Until today.

For you and people like you, I've add a new list to in which Booster's appearances can be sorted by how big a role Booster plays in the story. You'll find it on the Boosterrific! Featured Comic Book Appearances page.

Appearances are sorted into "featured", "supporting", and "cameo" roles based largely on my judgement. Featured roles are starring appearances. Supporting roles see Booster playing a smaller but necessary part of the story. Cameos are comics in which Booster appears for one page or less, usually gratuitously.

These categories are not always so clear, so be forewarned that my judgement may not be exactly the same as yours, especially in team and ensemble books. Take for example The OMAC Project mini-series and the 52 maxi-series. I classify Booster's role in the former as supporting but the latter as featured. You could make an argument in the other direction in both cases, if you were so inclined.

Good luck with your collection, Danny.

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