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 As Good a Day as Any for a Hurricane

Monday, September 11, 2017

© DC Comics
Captain Atom #16

As I type this on Sunday night, the television news is telling me that what's left of Hurricane Irma is headed straight for me. While I don't expect any damage (fingers crossed), I do expect power outages.

Additionally, this Thursday I'm supposed to leave town to attend a wedding. (On the Georgia coast, no less, assuming it's still there on Thursday.) This is going to make blogging extra difficult.

Therefore, I'm going to go ahead and queue up some blog posts for the rest of this week. If there's any big, new Booster Gold news this week (hey, it could happen), I'll cover it next week.

Enjoy your week, everybody!
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 Refresh Your Browser Cache

Friday, August 18, 2017

I've been tinkering behind the scenes here at recently. Some of the changes you may have already noticed. I've revised styling on comments forms, created a contact page, and added some color to the mobile landing page.

I also took a look at the database to check on some dates. You won't be surprised to learn that it's been a long time since we've seen Booster Gold in a DC Universe comic.

Depending on how you want to count it:

It's been 44 days since Booster appeared in a few panels in Injustice 2 #5 (July 5, 2017).

It's been 142 days since his questionably continuity appearance in Booster Gold/The Flintstones #1 (March 29, 2017).

It's been 303 days since his one-panel background cameo in Green Lanterns #9 (October 19, 2016).

It's been 716 days (1 year, 11 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days) since his last significant part in Bat-Mite #4 (September 2, 2015)!

The guys at my Local Comic Shop don't even recognize me anymore! At this point, I should be happy to see Mr. Oz revealed as Booster just so that I can see my hero back in action.

Anyway. Enjoy the new, improved If anyone spots any malfunctions, please let me know.
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 (Over) Ten Years and Counting

Monday, July 31, 2017

I probably should have mentioned this weeks ago, but turned 10 years old in June. At last count, the site now has nearly 2,600 pages not including blog entries. Whew!

The adventures of Booster Gold could already fill an encyclopedia — do kids today know what those were? — and I hope our hero is still far from done.

I offer a hearty thanks to all of you, the Booster boosters who have supported this site over the years. If I could go back in time, I would do it all over again.

© DC Comics

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 Recent Boosterrific Updates

Monday, April 3, 2017

Last week was a busy one here at In addition to the Booster Gold/The Flintstones Special, I also made these additions to the site:

1. The house advertisements section has been updated to include the two-page Hanna-Barbera ads that appeared in DC books for the last two weeks in March.

© DC Comics

2. Patrick Stump and Allan Ross gave us a full cover scan for the 2007 Adventures with the DC Super Heroes Geppi's Entertainment Museum variant that shows Booster Gold on the back cover.

© DC Comics

3. The Blot sent this image of the Booster Gold Thomas & Friends toy as seen for sale at his local Wal-Mart to prove that this bizarre thing is now available for purchase.

Booster Gold Thomas & Friends

Thanks to everyone for your help keeping the best Booster Gold website in the Multiverse.
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 Still Visiting the Old School

Friday, March 24, 2017

Thank you for your feedback. Now I know how to proportionally parse the data I'm getting from my content partners. You're the best, Booster boosters!

Last week's poll question: Where do you regularly get your content? (74 votes)

Where do you regularly get your content?

I had intended to use this information to plan how to develop future revisions to this site. For example, I have already closed the Boosterrific Forum due to its inactivity. Since there's just not anything for Booster Gold fans to talk about, there's no reason for me to keep updating it in the never-ending battle to keep the spam out. I thought I'd use the space for something else.

However, I'm put those redecorating plans on hold. The latest DC Universe reboot as seen in this week's Action Comics, coupled with the company's obvious indifference to selling me any Booster Gold comics, has me very down on DC Comics right now. I feel my time is better served developing video games and writing novels.

To be clear: Closing the Boosterrific Forum is the only change I'm making right now. Everything else will go on as normal — especially since we finally have a Booster Gold comic coming out next week! I'm just saying I've had about all the rebooting I can stand in my comics, so don't expect much change from my website.
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