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Friday, October 12, 2018

Xtreme Craftsmanship

I've been such a downer recently, let me make it up to you by showcasing something truly awesome. Specifically this awesome custom Booster Gold figure in the style of Kenner's Total Justice line from the mid-90s created by Caenman and shared on

custom Booster Gold figure by Caenman

While I've never been a fan of the Total Justice figures or the excretable tie-in comic series, something about knowing someone in 2018 took the time to make such a high-quality homage to Booster Gold's ugliest power suits just tickles my fancy. *standing ovation*

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This Day in History: Worst Booster Gold Comic

Seventeen years ago today, DC released what remains my least favorite comic to include an appearance by Booster Gold. That comic was Total Justice #1.

Why is this my least favorite book? It was inked by Dick Giordiano and lettered by Gaspar Saldino, two longtime DC legends. Too bad inking and letters can't make up for the abysmal script by Christopher Priest and eye-gouging pencils by Ramon Bernado. No doubt the artists are fully aware that they are working on a glorified toy advertisement — the issue cover proudly procliams "based on the Kenner acton figures" — and they can't be bothered to make themselves care about it.

© DC Comics

See what I mean? Those 4 wordy panels include Booster's only dialogue in the series, and are pretty indicative of the rest of the issue. Why is so much dialogue necessary? This miniseries is supposed to promote action figures, not talking dolls!

(While we're on those panels, who is Gypsy even talking to? Captain Atom? "Jar head" is slang for a marine, not an Air Force Captain! Is she saying that Booster's head looks like a jar? If so, shouldn't the artist draw Booster's head to actually look like a jar? Grrr. It's just all so bad!)

That's just a taste of what is bad here. Nothing about this series makes much sense. Heroes lose their powers. But only some of their powers. Sometimes. Marian Manhunter is excluded from action because his powers might cut out, but Aquaman keeps his powers because they are "native." The Beetle's Bug works just fine, but Booster Gold is kept on the sidelines because his technology won't work. Suffice it to say, this is not Christopher Priest's best work.

I've heard a lot of people over the years say that they liked the figures this series promoted. Part of the draw was the novelty. It might be hard to imagine, but the Total Justice toys were the first DC heroes action figures released since the Super Powers Collection of the 1980s. Too bad they all had "extreme" 1990s poses. Maybe I would have enjoyed the comic more if they had led to a Booster Gold figure. But no.

Even though there was some appreciation for the figures, I've never heard anyone say a kind word about the comics. There's a reason for that: they were terrible. Without a doubt, the worst Booster Gold comics to date.

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