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 Guy Patterson's Secret Identity

Friday, September 8, 2017

The average movie fan may recognize Tom Everett Scott's face from his debut in That Thing You Do! or his more recent Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.

However, Booster Gold fans are more likely to recognize Scott's voice. He played our hero in animated episodes of Justice League Unlimited and Batman: Brave and the Bold (including "The Greatest Story Never Told").

Earlier this week, Gwen Ihnat interviewed Scott for The A.V. Club.

AV Club: How many kids do you have?

Tom Everett Scott: I have two kids. I have a daughter who's 17. She's in 12th grade, and then I have a son who's 12. He's in seventh grade.

AVC: Do they still talk to you?

TES: They still talk to me. One of them is trying to talk to me right now.

I mean, I've done some things that have kept me on their good side certainly. Like my daughter got to meet Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. So she was pretty excited about that, but I've got to keep doing stuff like that or I'm dead.

AVC: Like playing Booster Gold on Justice League? And your Air Buddies appearances—is that for your kids?

TES: Yeah, absolutely. I've been able to do stuff that they can enjoy. The Air Buddies movie stuff. It's been great for that. I'm playing a lot of dad roles these days. And Booster Gold is so much fun because that's one of my favorite jobs—sitting around a recording studio with really talented voice actors. They're so good and they're all doing multiple characters in these episodes. I'm allowed to only do Booster Gold. I don't have much range. I wanted to play other characters. They just wouldn't let me.

AVC: Because you're just nailing Booster Gold!

Seconded! I like Diedrich Bader on Justice League Action, but Booster Gold will always sound like Tom Everett Scott to me.
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 Changing of the Gold

Monday, August 8, 2016

At Comic Con, Nerd Repository's Kyle Wilson interviewed Diedrich Bader about his upcoming take on Booster Gold for Justice League Action.

It's nice to hear Bader praising Tom Everett Scott for having fun with our favorite hero on Batman: Brave and the Bold. For many, Scott remains the ideal Booster Gold after his excellent performance in Justice League Unlimited's "The Greatest Story Never Told." Let's see if Bader can change some minds.

You'll find more information about Justice League Action at (Thanks to Morgenstern for reminding me about this post.)
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