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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Does Anyone Else Remember Skip Weeks?

There's no Booster Gold schedule this week, but that won't come as a surprise to longtime comic book readers. Today is the rare "fifth week" of the month, a calendar oddity once ignored by the publishers and their precious four week schedules. For a time in the 90s, this week would have been filled with theme "fifth week event" one-shots and mini-series like "The Kingdom" and "New Years Evil." Now it seems that the fifth week is simply treated as just any other week, with whatever books might happen to come due about now seeing their regular publication.

Not that I'm complaining. The only bad week for comic books is a week with no comics. I hope I never live to see that day.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Release: Time Masters Vanishing Point #3

Time Masters: Vanishing Point #3 is scheduled to hit stands tomorrow. Is it just me, or it falling a little behind schedule? Issue 2 came out in the last week of August, and that was 5 weeks ago. This is the 5th week in September, which makes me wonder whatever happened to 5th-week skip weeks? Anyway, buy Time Masters and make Skeets happy.

[Yes, this post is a day early. You'll see why tomorrow.]

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