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It has been 77 Days since Booster Gold last appeared in an in-continuity DCU comic book.

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Monday, December 12, 2022

Webtoons Are Comics Too

Hungry? Eat up!

© DC Comics

Flakies, Booster Bits, Sugar Packed Boosteros, Booster Puffs, Booster Cereal, and now Golden Flakes?! Pretty soon Booster is going to need to invest in a dairy just to provide milk to everyone eating one of his breakfast cereals.

That panel (first brought to our attention by Booster booster Dallas) comes from the online comic Red Hood: Outlaws episode 19, "A Handy Dandy Mirror."

© DC Comics

Red Hood: Outlaws is written by Patrick R. Young and drawn by Nico Bascunan. But the image on that cereal box is by Dan Jurgens, Joe Rubinstein, and Tom McCraw as originally published in Who's Who in the DC Universe #2 (1990).

© DC Comics

I still haven't committed to adding digital-only comics to the Boosterrific database — because I'm a grumpy old man, and pixels aren't real! — but I have added Booster Gold Golden Flakes to the Boosterrific list of Booster's businesses and endorsements.

Thanks to everyone who pointed out this appearance. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm suddenly in the mood for a bowl of corn flakes.

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