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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

New Old Release: New Teen Titans Volume 12

© DC Comics
© DC Comics

So begins the first super-team team-up in the career of Booster Gold in 1986.

Sure, he'd fought alongside the Legion of Super-Heroes in Booster Gold #8 and #9, but he wasn't technically going by "Booster Gold" at the time. And he wouldn't join the Justice League International for another half-a-year.

As you can see, Booster had been called in by Magenta as backup for the Teen Titans in their struggle against Brother Blood. The 4-part storyline ran from New Teen Titans #28 through #31, all of which are collected in today's New Teen Titans Volume 12 reprint collection.

Though the stakes were high and many heroes were involved in the fight, Booster played but a small part in only a few panels in the middle two issues, #29 (above) and #30:

© DC Comics
© DC Comics

And that's that. Booster goes off to defend Washington D.C. and is not seen again for the rest of the story. At least we know he succeeded. Thanks to Booster Gold, Washington D.C. is still around today.

It may not be a glamourous job, but somebody's got to do it.

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Monday, December 18, 2017

This Day In History: Booster's First Crossover

Believe it or not, Booster Gold's first team adventure didn't take place in his own book or in the pages of Justice League International. No, that honor went to the New Teen Titans, though not with the Titans themselves. Booster was a proud (but brief) member the Teen Titans' rescue squad!

© DC Comics

On this day in 1986, Booster appeared in New Teen Titans #29 in response to Magenta's call for help against Brother Blood (who has enslaved the Titans in his bid to overthrow the American government). Also on the team were (clockwise from Booster) Dr. Midnight II, Batman, Magenta, Katma Tui, John Stewart, and Skyman. (Don't recognize most of these people? Don't worry! Three of them will die within a half decade, and a fourth will become a villain.)

This group shot is just a tease for the next issue, in which Superman joins the rescue squad and Booster is relegated to off-panel crowd control. Man, our hero never catches a break! (At least he wasn't killed off!)

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