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Monday, April 5, 2021

Red, Blue, and Gold

With tornadoes and fools now in the rear-view mirror, let's get back to what's really important around here: the awesome awesomeness of Booster Gold.

Last week while I was taking a forced sabbatical from the Internet, artist Michel Fiffe teased his upcoming story in the Superman: Red & Blue anthology with a step-by-step construction of this panel:

© DC Comics

I love the fact that our golden hero will be appearing in glorious black and white — with flight ring *and* high collar! — in Superman's comic. Stealing Booster's color is probably a ploy by the Man of Steel to prevent Booster from outshining him. (Again.) The Rainbow Raider would be proud.

You can see the complete breakdown of Fiffe's panel art on And you can buy a copy of Superman: Red & Blue #3 at your Local Comic Shop on May 18.

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Friday, December 20, 2019

Men of Action

I retweeted this sweet Blue and Gold fan art when I saw it earlier this week, but I don't want those of you not on Twitter to miss out.

Blue Beetle and Booster Gold by @MichelFiffe. @HebenonPodcast Dec 18, 2019

Drawn by Michel Fiffe, it was shared by @HebenonPodcast. So much motion. I love it.

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